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To make an attempt to be less lazy I will be live updating this post with any and all thoughts of the Royal Rumble and pre-show.

My picks:

Rhodes vs. New Age Outlaws: Rhodes

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show: Brock Lesnar

Randy Orton vs. John Cena: Randy Orton

Royal Rumble Match: Batista, I really want Punk or D Bryan to win though


Pre-Show thoughts:


They’re rushing this match already and they’ve only done intros.  New Age Outlaws still have it.  WWE commercials during a pre-show so I don’t get to watch the whole tag match annoys me.  I love watching Cody, he just gets better and better and always adds new moves to his arsenal.  I love watching four superstars tell a great story, even if they only had about ten minutes to do so.  I’m so happy I’m wrong with my prediction and the New Age Outlaws won.  One of my favorite tag teams and they deserve this screen time. B-


Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan

I hope Bryan wins, gets beat down but makes a surprise entrance and wins the rumble, just my thoughts.  10 minutes in and we finally get a lock up.  So the heel doesn’t need help to win?  Thank god the referee can’t count to 10.  Wyatt is a great foil for Bryan.  The commentary team seems to have no idea what to say in this match?  Apparently, Vince isn’t in their ears.  Tornado DDT from the apron was sloppy but very awesome.  Inside outside closeline heard round the world.  That was a well fought match and helped both competitors.  Nobody truly lost in this match.  Some great spots and great story telling. B+


Paul Heyman is a great wrestling mind and an amazing mouthpiece.  Just him alone, could push the Lesnar/Big Show to Wrestlemania if he wanted to.


Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

I guess a steel chair is a good way to start this?  It’s nice to see an actual match is gonna take place with all the hype they’ve created.  Wow, this was not worth it all all.  This was the worst match these two have ever had with each other! D+

Why is the aftermath longer than the match?

When I watch wrestling I always think “I wonder where I should do my taxes”?

A cool Shield interview and now it’s time for the…..longest……..interview……..ever…….with R….a…..n….d…..y……….O…..r…..t…..o…..n


John Cena vs. Randy Orton

After 5 minutes, Randy Orton, the champion, comes out first.  Who cares about tradition?  Now lets wait 90 seconds for the Cena pop.  I feel like I’ve seen this match a hundred times before..oh wait, duh.  And this commentary is terrible.  Is this their version of a sit in because of JR being fired?  “This is awe-full chants”, people keep cheering at pinfalls just because they hope the match is over.  So I had to watch a 30 minute crap match just to start a feud with the Wyatts.  I’m just happy the #rematch is over. C

Lets recap the Tag Team Championship win by the New Age Outlaws.  Awesome match, awesome team.

Royal Rumble Match:

Rollins and Punk starting out was a good choice to start things.  Sandow was eliminated first.  I’m okay with it because I can tell WWE sees a bright future with him.  Well, the Bulgarian Fruit…er, I mean Bruit was a surprise.  Time for Kofi spot time and I’m not disappointed.  Surprised with Kofi’s second spot and then even more with Kevin Nash’s entrance.  I love seeing Nash in Royal Rumbles.  The months of rumors are true, Sheamus is back.  At this moment after Miz comes out I ask where CM Punk went.  I had to be told that he caught a triple powerbomb during Sheamus’s entrance; poor camera work WWE.  JBL completely pulling a Jerry Lawler from ’97.  Funny moments but I still wish Jake Roberts had a number.  The fans showing how much Daniel Bryan is over by booing the remaining entrants, agreed.  Roman Reigns now holds the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble and I’m completely okay.  Strong outing for him.  Batista won as we all new it.  C+


Funny enough, my computer died at the end of the last sentence but all in all this was an okay PPV.  A sub par Rumble but an okay PPV. C-


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