Well here’s the results from this week’s Main Event or should I say Mark Henry’s Main Event:

We begin with a recap of the Mark Henry Sheamus feud.

JBL interviews Mark Henry-  Henry says he showed Sheamus because that’s heat he does.  JBL wants to see Henry in action tonight.  Henry wants to take on 2 superstars, then changes it to 3.  JBL encourages Henry to take on 4 in a gauntlet match tonight.  As the crowd chants 5, Henry says get his opponent’s out here.

Gauntlet Match 1:  Mark Henry def. Jimmy Uso- Hey both Uso’s have names tonight but we see which one is on WWE’s shit list as Henry takes about 30 seconds to kill Jimmy Uso.

Gauntlet Match 2:  Mark Henry def. Jay Uso-  This match last longer going a few minutes and Jay even got some offense in this match.

Gauntlet Match 3:  Mark Henry def Santino Marella-  Henry takes his time with Santino so much so that the crowd chants boring.  Match lasted about 5 minutes and Santino got a little offense in and even hit Henry with a Cobra.

Gauntlet Match 4:  The Great Khali def. Mark Henry-  This match was slow and sucked so much that Henry even walked out and let Khali have a count out victory.

RAW Recap-  HHH accepts Lesnar’s challenge for Extreme Rules.

Matt Striker interviews Zeb Colter-  He says that Jack Swagger will prevail in the triple threat match at Extreme Rules, mocks both Del Rio & Ziggler, then Jack Swagger comes out, takes the mic from Striker and yells “We The People” over and over.

RAW Recap- The Ryback/Cena situation

RAW Recap- The Shield’s big win over The Brothers of Hell No

Overall a very bleh episode.  I was ok with the gauntlet concept until Henry walked out of it at the end.  It felt like a waste of time after that and then the second half of the program was all recaps again.  I don’t understand why whenever WWE has a good episode of Main Event, they follow it up the next week with a shitty one.  Well that’s all for now until either ROH recap on Sat/Sun or bWf radio on Sunday.

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