Here’s a brief recap of this week’s Main Event:

RAW recap The Shield’s visit with Undertaker which ended up with them face to face with The Brothers of Hell No.

Match 1 The Shield def Tons Of Funk & Kof Kingston- Post match the Shield beat down all three of their opponents and did the triple powerbomb to Brodus Clay & Sweet Tensai.

RAW Recap- Swagger & Colter vs. Del Rio which resulted in Dolph Ziggler’s Money In The Bank cash in.

Matt Striker interviews Big E Langston who mocks Striker, says that his WM debut was fun but winning his RAW debut match and Ziggler winning the World Title was more fun.

Wrestlemania slideshow, yeah because everyone watching Main Event hasn’t seen it.

Match 2- Big E Langston def. Zack Ryder- match lasted a minute

Wrestlemania recap of HHH’s win over Brock Lesnar and his post Wrestlemania trip to the Doctors.

RAW Recap- Cena vs. Mark Henry with Ryback turning on Cena.

Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter come out, talk about being real americans, trash Boston, the Bruins and Paul Revere.  Yoshi Tatsu comes out and Colter him and his Japanese culture.

Match 3- Jack Swagger def Yoshi Tatsu- Yoshi is still employed, holy shit I didn’t know.  Not a bad little match for the less that 10 minutes it got. Post match we see Colter bowing to Tatsu in mockery and as we fade to black with Colter & Swagger saying “We The People” with their hands on their hearts.

Overall- Not a bad episode, all 3 matches were good but very predictable but beggars cant be choosers.  Well that’s all for now.  If you don’t hear from me before, bWf Radio 2pm est!

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