Here’s the results from this weeks Main Event:

As I select Main Event on my DVR my house phone rings and the caller ID say it’s G:

JT- Hey Gee what’s up?  Wait How did you get this number. I’ve only given it to 4 people.  My own mother doesn’t have this number.

G-  JT, I write stuff on my TV screen and they happen.  You think finding out your home number was all that hard for me to figure out? Anyway should I have he rest of Team Alpha ready.

JT- Well this week Joe is gloating on how his city stole our date on the “Old and Older: Depends and Orajel are expensive and we need guaranteed money” tour. Don’t worry he’ still probably rub it in Sunday on Cock Talk.

Jee- I heard about that. Are you OK?

JT- Yeah I’m fine, besides I’m not a huge fan of older and old hasn’t had a good song in 10 years.  I was only going because it was a big rock show here and we don’t get many of them.

Ghee- OK, well do you want me to send me the masked guy from last week?

JT- No, besides I think I know who he is and don’t want to ruin it for everyone.  I didn’t know Hornswoggle did side jobs for bWf.

G- Yeah JT it’s Hornswoggle.  Have another beer. I’m out peace!

I hang up my phone and push play:

Hype package for tonights Main Event of Kane vs. Seth Rollins

The camera pans over to Gary Barnidge who holds up a sign saying “I’m on bWf Radio this Sunday 2pm est.”  The guy next to him has a sign saying “Little does he know they now call it Cock Talk.”  Who is that person? He then holds up another sign saying “I’m RYTMAN DAMNIT!” Oh sorry dude didn’t know what you looked like.

Match 1- Kane def. Seth Rollins by DQ- We are told that Daniel Bryan is not in the building so when the post match beatdown happens is the reason why he doesn’t come out.  Who does, the Uso’s.

RAW Recap- Six man main event followed by Ryback’s attack on Cena’s leg.

Highlight package hyping HHH vs. Brock Lesnar.

Match 2- Shit Crapa def. Wade Barrett-  Great he’s back not the only return tonight, but his crappy match lighting too.  Surprisingly he didn’t botch anything but that was probably fixed post edit.

Recap of Justin Gabriel’s recent hot streak which leads to

Match 3- Cody Rhodes def Justin Gabriel-  The only reason I’m ok with this was it was used to do a little hype for Rhodes vs. Miz this Sunday.

Overall- Good wrestling program. The only thing I have to say bad about this program is that The Miz’s abysmal commentary returned.  Well that’s all until this weekend C-ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

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