Well here we are again another week another Main Event Program in the books and just to let you all know that I wasn’t feeling creative this week so there is no sketch to open the show like the last two weeks.  So here’s the results in quicktime:

RAW Recap- Big E Langston def Alberto Del Rio to set up tonights rematch.

Match 1:  Alberto Del Rio def Big E Langston- no surprise here.  The match was pretty good though.

RAW Recap now with Extreme Rules results-Ryback challenges Cena to an ambulance match and somewhere in Antarctica someone might just care.

Match 2: The Usos def 3MB (Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre)- Great match here between the two.  Ryback comes out during the match in an ambulance, beats up Heath Slater and kidnaps him in the ambulance.

RAW Recap- HHH vs Curt Axel ending in HHH having a concussion or something,  I don’t watch RAW, I don’t care.

Overall- For a very predictable episode, Main Event was really good this week.  Yeah Cole & Miz were abysmal on commentary but I think I’m learning how to tune it out.  Plus there was no mention of the WWE app on here either.  Well thats all for now until Cock Talk on 2pm G time, c-ya!

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