Here are the results from this weeks Main Event program:

We begin with The Miz introducing us to his new commentary team which includes Josh Mathews and Ricardo Rodriguez.  Don’t know if this is a permanent thing or not.

Match 1: Sheamus def. Wade Barrett- When I first saw Sheamus come out for this match, I thought about skipping it since I already knew he was winning but I didn’t and was not disappointed. This was a great match, well as great a match as Sheamus can give us.  He did injure his arm during the match and was no selling it by the end.

RAW Recap- Cena/Ryback shit now with Curtis Axel Rose McGuilicuty

Wyatt Family vignette, well I know where Zeb Colter is going after Jack Swagger screws up again.

RAW Recap- Paul Heyman on the Highlight Reel

Match 2: Antonio Cesaro def. Justin Gabriel- Good match but short.

Match 3: R-Truth & Tons of Funk def. 3 Man Group Of Jobbers: Groan.  I only watched this because it was under 2 mins. and it was what it was.

Overall- Good show overall.  The addition of Mathews & Rodriguez was a plus because they took talk time away from Miz making him suck less.  I like the fact that WWE is trying to get more matches on this show but they should rearrange the order and have the actual Main Event go on last ant the shorter matches go on first. However I did see an ad for the WWE app but it was during a commercial break and not during the actual show. Alright until Cock Talk this weekend, C-Ya.

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