Well here are the results from this weeks Main Event featuring Jusin Gabriel:

5 Years ago this week bWf was born or if you ask JT Hogan, well we’ll get to that on Sunday.  I started here covering the ECW program and have moved on to covering 2 ECW type programs ROH TV and Main event.  I did have a long running column called Random Randomness for a few years and now we have Cock Talk (2pm est Sundays). Tune in this Sunday since we will be celebrating and insanity will ensue.  Anyway on to the program:

We get the same commentary trio as last wee of Miz, Ricardo & Mathews so this must be permanent for now.

Match 1: Sheamus def. Antonio Caesaro-  It’s sad that I typed this before the match begins.  I also contemplate fast Forwarding thru it too but I don’t and we end up with a good match here. As much as we shit on Sheamus, when he is in the ring with a good worker, they usually get a pretty good match out of him.

RAW Recap- McMahon Family Drama Bullshit

Match 2: The Usos def. Team Rhodes Scholars-  Well I had this one wrong as I thought Rhodes Scholars was gonna get the win here.  The Usos have face-paint now. I wonder how long that’s gonna last but whatever.  The match was good, can’t complain.

Match 3: Justin Gabriel def. Curt Hawkins- Short little match but a good one.  Miz touts about being a S.T.A.R. then 30 seconds later insults Ricardo.  Curt Hawkins is still employed in WWE. The end.

Overall: Another good show.  I’ve come to the realization that I like wrestling programs without all the storyline drama bullshit hence why I don’t miss RAW anymore. Well till bWf Radio this Sunday see ya!

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