Well here we are for this weeks edition of Main Event which this week happened on our very own G’s birthday, Happy Birthday G! So here’s what happened:We begin with a Payback recap.

As The Shield makes their entrance, we are introduced to the commentary team this week consisting of Josh Mathews, Miz and for G’s Birthday, Cody Rhodes & The Love Stash.

Match 1: The Shield def. Justin Gabriel & The Usos- G is seen in the audience with a sign that says Birthday Wish 1: Miz to shut the Fuck Up and go away. Good match here kinda short but I’m ok with that as long as the rest of the program isn’t recaps.

Payback Recap: Punk vs. Jericho- Looks like  Punk is going for the Wolverine look now.

RAW Recap: Punk vs. Del Rio- Ziggler attacks Del Rio and then Lesnar attacks Punk.

Match 2: Antonio Caesaro (w/Zeb Colter) def Shit Crapa- G i s seen in the audience with another sign saying Birthday Wish 2: JT you need to watch Payback & RAW this week.  Sorry G not happening.  Zeb cuts a promo about how AC is his new man crush now and does his usual illegal rant on Crapa.  Another good match here, but Crapa needs to lose the lighting in his matches it’s terrible.

This week on Smackdown Daniel Bryan faces Super Robot Orton, sigh.

Match 3: Katylin def Aksana-  G is in the audience with a sign saying Birthday Wish 3: JT Fast Forward thru this match quick. And that’s what I did.  It does look like Aksana has learned a couple more moves besided the headlock of doom.

RVD is returning at Money In The Bank. That’s plenty of time to pass a piss test.

RAW Recap- Mark Henry announces his retirement so he can become an Orangeade spokesperson only to fool us all and beat down John Cena.  After two replays of the Worlds Strongest Slam (really WWE) Henry is shown in the back where he challenges Cena for the title and we fade to black.

Overall- Ok.  The first half was good and it the only part I would recommend watching.  I actually sat through all the recaps this time but the show didn’t feel like it dragged which is also a plus.  Miz sucked on commentary as per usual, Rhodes was good and Josh Mathews was well Josh Mathews.  Well that’s all for now until Cock Talk which I will be on this week, maybe in HD but we’ll talk more of that on Sunday!



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