So I just finished iMPACT  and I’m at a loss for words. Was the episode bad? No but it didn’t make much sense, that major glare of course was the reveal of Dixie and AJ. But first lets go over earlier parts of the show one being the Knockouts. Brooke Hogan is having a meeting with the talent in her dad’s office. I look around at the talent present and all I see is people who have already won the belt or are stuck in asinine story.

  1. Madison- In Love with someone hopefully not Garett Bischoff
  2. Velvet- who has had numerous chances to wrestle Gail and failed for the Women’s title
  3. Mickie- who has been used to prop up Velvet
  4. ODB- another ridiculous in love/jealously story with Eric Young with the Knockout titles no less

Oh Gail threw a temper tantrum last week and was taken off Thurs night show, Tessmacher is the champion and Tara was beating on the GutCheck Challenger but more on that later. So we have 7 women in this division and the silent four being kept off TV more than likely getting ready to receive their pink slips in the coming weeks.

  • Winter – who after her Lesbian Vampire gimmick was relegated to jobber and then banished from television by the current regime.
  • Angelina – once over with Dixie (she even shouted her out in the YouShoot video from back in 2010) is now jobbing to Velvet on Xplosion. Or not being used at all
  • Rosita –  brought in to give Sarita a partner after she split from Taylor Wilde in 2010 must have outlived her usefulness and hasn’t been seen on TV since trying to entice EY from ODB
  • And Finally Sarita who was so over in 2009 with her feud with Alyssa Flash and tagging with Wilde to being put in Mexican America, which is akin to purgatory spends more time in Mexico than here on the show. You know one of the longer working Knockouts who didn’t leave when Hogan shown his face and has never won a title outside of the tag division.

So obviously Pritchard and Lagana have a pretty clear picture on who they want in the division going forward. But really an over pushed Sunny and Dead Heat Rayne can’t be replaced in ring wise with Sarita or Winter, a retooled Winter of course because what ever Russo was thinking about the Time Traveling Lesbian Vampire who brainwashes other women needs to simply be a sociopath bitch character with a snobbish regality.

Even with the addition of Taeler Hendrix come next week really what do we have? 8 wrestlers?! you might as well retire the belts until further notice. Not to mention outside of Gail a very bright white picture to boot. Whatever happened to diversity?

Mia Yim, Athena, Bonesaw or the various Asian or for that matter Mexican talent they could pull from AAA, the Apache Sisters anyone. Just give me some color.

Right now the lucky number is 7 and it looks like we should be hearing of releases because how long can someone be sitting at home not doing anything?

Moving on.

Mike Tenay announces a 10 minute time limit stipulation on ALL BFG series matches whether it be  Televised, House Show or even PPV!

When it comes to Television I understand you can only fight so much into 2hrs not counting commercials but even House shows and PPV’s come on that will just make for rushed matches and possibly even a bunch of time limit draws with the crowd chanting 5 more minutes to no avail. Thursday’s episode saw a bunch of 5 minute or less timed matches which isn’t looking promising for the rest of the tournament.

According to the all mighty Wikipedia, The BFG series will play out through No Surrender leaving a month gap till October’s Bound For Glory to build a story around the challenger and the champion. But till then will we get mini feuds inside BFG series? Magnus vs Pope or Samoa Joe vs Anderson for a higher rank on the tourney leading to PPV feuds settled for what should be longer than 10 minutes.

The X Division champion having a chance to cash in the X title for a shot at the World title is actually nice because it gives Destination X more of a purpose and also would allow more of the roster on the card rather than it be a specifically geared PPV seeing as the Division is weaker than in years past. Zema Ion, Kid Kash (which I don’t even think he fits the weight requirement) Mark Haskins who has been seen since his English debacle, Tony Nese is gone and Jesse Sorenson is out with a neck injury for a while and so is Chris Sabin oh and Shelley left too. So Aries is the division for the foreseeable future.

I’m hoping for another tournament at Destination X to find new prospects or otherwise you may have to pull from the main roster. Hey if you can’t trust Jeff to hold the World Title why not the X Division title or the Pope. Knock the dust off of Douglas Williams and put him in it. Joey Ryan should show up and compete in the X when his shoot ends. What the hell ever happened to Alex Silva? X should be his destination.

Now on to the meat of my complaining outside of a good show. The AJ/Dixie Affair storyline, what started to have legs but turned into a headless chicken over a five minute segment. Let me breakdown the story logic and how I was confused.

  • Vince Russo had a story going where Daniels was holding something over Kazarian and was forcing him to do his bidding. We saw great conflict internally with Kaz over his constant run-ins with AJ
  • Russo leaves. Story becomes Daniels wasn’t holding anything over Kaz but had incriminating information on Styles. Still I was with it. It was still plausible seeing as how Kaz was hesitant until Daniels provided more proof of AJ’s infidelity.
  • Kaz starts to show his jealous side over AJ being allowed to rise to the top as the rest suffered. Easily Daniels influence who’s character always had an inferiority complex and could of been feeding it into Kaz a man on the backburner most times.

Then the storyline imploded with the reveal of Dixie and AJ helping a recovering Drug addict named Claire Lynch who is a close friend of Dixie’s through a tough time. Okay I can still deal now the truth is revealed and Daniels can eat crow and Kazarian can apologize to Styles. Even so Daniels is in the back beside himself with anger about what her appearance means telling himself he has to shut her up and Kaz looks on with confusion. Again Daniels is a heel and lied to Kaz now he has to go stop Lynch from talking more. He runs down to the ring with Kazarian in toe to fight AJ? Shouldn’t Kaz be in the back calling it a day and never talking to Daniels again?

This story besides the bad attempts at crying fell flat. Yes AJ is a good person and Dixie helping one of her circle of friends makes sense but not to such a degree that two marriages would be put on the line, let alone logic. This was an interesting story that lost all cohesion when the reveal dissolved everything. The reveal spit in the face of logic that has been building for months. When it comes to this segment does anyone re-watch their own show?

I was screaming at my television “where’s the logic” over and over again confused on where it had landed.

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