Have you ever had a plethora of unrelated thoughts bouncing around inside your brain-meat, refusing to go away until they are shared with others? I knew that you did. In the spirit of our very own legendary JT’s “Random Randomness” column, here are nine of mine. It almost rhymes, so it’s true. Yes, they’re much wordier than JT’s.

1. If WWE is less than pleased with Sin Cara thus far, in terms of botched moves and entrances and generally not being up to snuff, then they have absolutely no one to blame but themselves. When Sin Cara was originally signed, word was that he would spend some time in developmental, learning to speak English and work the “WWE style.” That didn’t happen. His videos were fantastic, and certainly made people want to see him. I was quite surprised that he debuted when he did, because it seemed so rushed. Regardless of how good he is, there simply was not enough time for him to adapt. Very few “entertainers” understand how to wrestle a man who uses the style that Sin Cara uses, and the rest of the roster also needed time to adjust. If Sin Cara is in trouble backstage, it’s purely the fault of WWE for lacking patience and pushing him onto tv too soon. I certainly hope that rumors of Sin Cara’s being marked for release prove false. Since HHH seems to be responsible for signing him, it would be nice to see him stand up for his vision. Besides, having a crewman shove a trampoline at a running athlete from beneath the ring, a trampoline that is not attached to anything, and expect him to nail a jump from it into the ring, is a stupid idea and one that is bound to fail. WWE is lucky that Sin Cara was able to cover it as well as he has.


2. While I would not go as far as Sean Morley has in explicit condemnations of Melina and John Morrison for their treatment of Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania, no one can possibly be surprised that the two are supposedly in trouble with both the roster and the office. Seriously, is this high school? Melina decides that Trish “took her spot” in the six-person Wrestlemania match. Based on what? Melina wasn’t even involved in anything that led to the match. More importantly, Melina is a HEEL. Her most recent work consisted of slapping Natalya and targeting babyfaces. She never would have even been on that team. If Melina was going to resent anyone, it should have been Snooki. If any Diva had cause to be resentful of a stolen spot in that match, it would have been (as much as I loathe her) Kelly Kelly. She was the popular babyface that would have normally been in that match. So what happens? Melina’s boyfriend decides that she is right and plays the “You did something that my girlfriend doesn’t like, so I’m taking it out on you” card. Could we get any more juvenile? Aside from “cold shouldering” Trish, Morrison apparently refused to listen to or consider any of Trish’s ideas for anything relating to the match, and did not even go over the match with her before the show. That is beyond unacceptable. You’re going to walk out to a match at the biggest show of the year without going over it with one of your tag team partners? Dangerous, and grounds for termination. Sure, the Divas who worked hard all year and deserved a Wrestlemania moment have a right to be upset. However, that’s what an entertainment company does. They do what they believe will draw the most viewers, and care nothing about the feelings of the talent. That’s not fair or nice, but simply how it goes. Both Melina and John Morrison need to grow up and get over themselves while they still have careers.


3. In 2011, we’re getting teases of Hogan/Sting for the world title in TNA. Shoot me now. Also, Brooke Hogan should never be given tv time again. Ever.


4. Kurt Angle used Randy Orton’s RKO on Jeff Jarrett at the “Lockdown” pay-per-view last night. Angle Tweeted (or tweeted, I don’t know) this gem: “Orton, I used Your Finish as a sign of Respect. Not to get back at U. Respect!” Um, yeah…. This mess started when Angle took issue with WWE “entertainers” using “his” moves, like the ankle lock and the Angle Slam. Orton fired back that Angle didn’t invent any of the moves that he made famous, and had no right to complain. There’s no way that Angle’s use of the RKO wasn’t a slap at Orton. Common, basic moves don’t belong to anyone. Michelle McCool blatantly stealing the Styles Clash from AJ Styles is a completely different story.


5. Speaking of Kurt Angle, the bump he took last night when Jeff Jarrett power bombed him from the top rope up against the cage wall was sickening. Most reviewers of the show wrote that they honestly believed that they had just watched Kurt Angle die. He landed awkwardly on his head and surgically repaired neck. Given Angle’s medical history, he should not be allowed to take moves that so clearly endanger his life. Edge’s retirement for similar reasons makes Angle’s refusal to consider his future well-being (and that of his fiancee and new daughter) even more incomprehensible.


6. All specifics of TNA aside, Bob Carter should fire Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Jason Hervey right away for one simple reason. All three were specifically hired to work for TNA. All three have spent every waking minute promoting and working on other “outside” projects. Read interviews, Facebook, pages, and Twitter posts. TNA is almost never mentioned in any way. Bischoff and Hervey just negotiated yet another reality show with Tru TV. Hogan promotes a show about midgets wrestling more than he ever has TNA. While everyone except Dixie Carter knew from the outset that none of these men cared anything about TNA, the fact that they so blatantly treat TNA as the place they go to get a check while all of their effort goes into other personal projects is unprofessional and insulting in the extreme. No other job would allow you to do that.


7. On almost any wrestling-related website that one chooses to peruse, somebody challenges the glowing comments of Edge as a performer, coworker, and friend by bringing up the Edge-Lita-Matt Hardy situation. These people cry foul that Edge could possibly be any of the positive things attributed to him because he had an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend. Haters gonna hate, I know. However, since no one else seems to have said it, I must. People cheat in relationships because they are unhappy in some way. If a relationship was great, neither side would have any interest in cheating. Lita was not a mindless drone, seduced by the evil horndog “friend.” Given what we’ve seen and heard from Matt Hardy since the very internet fans he so condescendingly mocks got him his job back in WWE, can anyone blame Lita for looking elsewhere? I don’t condone cheating, and sure, it’s easy to say that she should have broken up with Matt first. Sometimes, things happen. However, that one incident hardly balances out the legendary career of a genuinely decent guy who managed to go from super-fan to Superstar. Shut up and let it go.


8. Get rid of the Corre. Let Wade Barrett have a solid Intercontinental title feud. Put Justin Gabriel in a feud with Evan Bourne. Turn Ezekiel Jackson loose on big people. Get Heath Slater off of my tv.


9. Are the Motor City Machine Guns leaving TNA? Chris Sabin has made sporadic appearances, and has been on the house show circuit. Alex Shelley was mentioned for the first time in months last night with the statement that he was supposed to be in the X-scape match, but couldn’t get medical clearance from his broken collarbone injury. I would not be shocked if they, or at least Alex Shelley, bailed at the first opportunity. TNA has rarely done right by these guys, and that’s not just my extreme personal bias talking.

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  1. More of these, please! Paying homage to JT is cool too. He is also "Legend." Novel titles, folks.

    1). See I'm patient, but I know they are not. And that is what really sucks here. The trampoline is cool, but only with the specific camera angles on TV and the hope he lands it. They should drop this ASAP, just go to the ring.

    2). Couldn't have said it better. So I won't try.

    4). I want Diamond Dallas Page to respond, just because. Didn't catch that one by Angle. I love how people forget that if they Tweet, the world can read it. I shouldn't laugh at the ignorance, but seriously… society has latched onto social networking quicker than realizing what they say publicly. Even though I am doing the same thing here, DERP!

    5). 🙁 Don't die in the ring Angle. Crazy, Twitter-retarded, and/or given-enough-to-us.

    6). 🙂 I really want to see their contracts, job descriptions, etc. It adds a whole new level to the trainwreck. Still watching this Thursday, because I am sadomasochist? No, that's not the word I was looking for…

    7). Some Internet Guy tweeted something along the lines of being a friend on the way in, and on the way out. Or something to that effect. I'd do my citation from either PWI or Angrymarks, and whatnot, but I am far too lazy to do my homework. I agree with you, albeit I do not know where Lita stands on the subject. I do know the dirtsheets mentioned that the affair ordeal did influence her decision to leave. Ahh… the rumours. Either way, I agree with your sentiments on the affair. I found it interesting that Edge brought up the live-sex story with Lita in his retirement speech. PG TV I suppose.

    8). I wonder if they are just going to get rid of the Corre in entirety. I would like to see a Bourne/Gabriel program too. God forbid we had a light-weight division… I'm not holding my breath for Vince to change here though. Last time I did that, I died again. I hate when that happens.

    9). ROH.

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