After Ace’s and 8’s dominated the show last week, this week will be the reckoning. Sting comes out and announces that he is the interim GM until Hogan gets out of his mesh, various metals and hip injury caused by Ace’s and 8’s and not a preconditioned wrestling lifestyle. Reality meets wrestling people. Sting calls out Aces and tells them that he’s alone, but then Austin Aries music hits and he comes out to back up the Icon. He has his own grieviousness with the group and whats a piece. But before that can happen Kurt Angle comes out and he recaps the recap explaining his reasons for wanting the Group got. This dovetails with Roode who comes and gives his conspiracy theory about James Storm being the Leader.

The Faces are unimpressed. More than likely caused by his crappy mic and not his theory. After Kurt offers his, Roode continues until James Storm runs out and attacks them from behind. Taking it into the ring Sting holds back Angle from pulling them apart kind of like a guy watching a cat fight, he knows just to sit back and watch. Finally cooler heads prevail and Kurt separates them allowing Roode to leave shouting his accusations.

Then after commercial break we have a CHAVO Guerrero appreciation promo from the rightful cougar Tara, Kash? and Angle who mentions Eddie first then moves his love for Chavo second. Good Call Kurt.

Jason Hervey interviews Roode about his theory as Bobby babbles on about being Partners for four years and why no one believes him. Bobby packs his bags and leaves the building.Tara and Mickie vs Gail and Madison starts up with Earl Hebner in the ring as referee. LET THE SHENANIGAN’S BEGIN!!!!!’s Four minutes in the Shenanigans end with Madison winining after a rollup pin by Mickie. Oh yes, Earl is going to be Madison’s sugar daddy now.

We get some more CHAVO Guerrero backstage reactions where basically they all but announce his opppnents for his run. Bully Ray and his twitter facisation be damned.

Oh look its Gut check. Sam Shaw is back, yeah?! That is until Douglas Williams comes out as his opponent and the two put on a good short match. I miss Doug why isn’t he on my television instead of LynchGate. Douglas wins with the Chaos Theory this of course was made possible by the distraction by Joey Ryan who socked Al Snow before taking off. Sign him already(Joey Ryan) and put Shaw in the X-Division where he can possibley grow.

Oh and Give me Douglas Williams!

A Double is having a Hoganesque meeting with four challengers for a shot at Zema Ion later tonight.  Rashon Cameron (formerly BLK Jeez and Sabian), Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King (formerly Kenny King?) and Dakota Darsow because his daddy was in Demolition, even though he lost to Zema already in Ion’s first title defense. Clean by the way. Aries decides that Rashon needs to come his hair and tells him to take his movement out the door.

CHAVO Guerrero comes out to a bunch of over inflation about being a Guerrero basically. It felt like I was watching  Paris Hilton being praised for being a Hilton because her Grandfather was this person and her Uncle was this person and so on. Chavo was given the same treatment where they made mention of his Grandfather Gory and then running down his Uncles. Was it me or did they not mention his FATHER CHAVO CLASSIC? That did seem like a glaring omission. But Chavo is sent out hyped by all about accomplishing it all as Taz stated. But didn’t he leave up North because he never won any major titles and felt underappreciated? oh well.

No wait they did mention Chavo SR. when Kash and Gunner came out to rundown our Guerrero going as far as to call Chavo SR a drunk. Now that was a highlight of the mic work as Kash basically just babbled on throwing out mexicanisms and asking where the rest of his family is. sidenote: isn’t one of Chavo Jr. uncles a spanish announcer for TNA? well after the drunk mexican attack, Chavo unleashes his Guerrero fury attacking both men only to be outnumbered until Super Mex (Hernandez) makes the save clearing the ring.

The Return of Mexican America? and Gunner and Cash as a tag team in an already depleted tag divison?……..

Okay I can get behind the authentic Chavo over Anarquia’s helium induced Chavo.

Oh god not LynchGate. Where can a man go when he “allegedly” impregnated his crackhead charge. He goes out to the ring to wrestle James Storm for seven points and Coke Baby Mama stares on all cokey “I need a fix” your my meal ticket AJ Styles.

AJ and Storm hit the ring and put on a show. The announcers make the usual reiterations that Storm is leader of Ace’s and Eights pretty much spelling out the ending. No clean finish here.

And yep just as Storm went to lay out AJ with the Last Call the phenomenal one countered with a pelle. Thats when Ace’s and 8’s hit and the ring and beat on AJ for the DQ. Afterwards our very own Geraldo Rivera comes out and accuses Storm of being the leader. Storm almost chokes the man before he leaves.

Then we have the results of GutCheck. Sam Shaw talks his heart off and gets a 2-1 win to be apart of the TNA Familia, now he can disappear down that rabbit hole that Alex Silva and Taeler Hendrix fell into. Joey Ryan being the exception to the rule. Good Luck not seeing you for the foreseeable future.

Backstage Aries eliminates Dakota Darsow after making some cracks about his father being Russian and having an excellent Repo business.

Zema Ion comes out ready to face his opponent. Behind the curtain Aries makes his decision as he says that Sonjay has had six years to win the belt so Kenny King gets the shot. (sidenote: I love the live show because anything can happen, like when Bruce Pritchard walks into frame during the Aries decision then promptly bails realizing his mistake.)

Kenny King vs Zema Ion for the X Division title: This match was da bomb! ( So good it dated my catchphrases to the 90’s) Kenny King shows off early getting the crowd behind him and solidifying why they signed him to TNA. Zema is no slouch as he takes to King pulling off some sick moves that cause the crowd to groan when he hits a knee to the chin. Kenny King who looks like he has Zema on the ropes gets jumped from behind by Bobby Roode  who behind the ref’s back throws him back into the ring to get pin by the champ.

Aries comes out and fights off Roode. Later its announced next week will be a tag match between Aries and King vs Roode and Ion.

Bully Ray talks up Angle and dismisses Aces and Eights.

Bully Ray versus Angle: This is a good match between two guys who made the most of their time with near fall to near fall to playing up Kurts injured neck and Bully Ray escaping twice out of the ankle lock. Kurt finally pulls the win when Bully misses a splash in the corner and meets an Angle Slam. 7pts for kurt.

Aces and Eights hit the ring beating on Kurt as Ray dips out. But the cavalry arrives and fights off the gang as James Storm comes out music and all to scare off the group who reluctantly bow out when James is present. Angle gets in Storms face about that weird encounter only for Mike Tenay to announce that Storm vs Angle is scheduled next week as the main event.

We fade to Black.

This week was better seeing as how there was an actual reaction to Aces and Eights instead of them running riot with no one to fight against ala NWO, Immortal. So here’s to next week when we find out what develops next.

P.S. Let the pigeons loose will no longer be uttered in TNA seeing as how Velvet is now released and with Chris Sabin injured expect to hear about that in the coming weeks and or months.


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