I love it when we get decent world title matches on free TV (though, technically, since I’m paying $105 a month for cable, is it really free?).  To be honest, Kaz vs. Samoa Joe was a pretty solid match.  Unfortunately for them, they took a back seat to the continuing saga of Kurt and Karen Angle.  It used to be funny when I’d type “Hey look, it’s Kurt Angle” on the message boards at World Wrestling Insanity every time he’d be on screen.  Hell, at least he was champion back then.  Now that Samoa Joe is champion, after beating Kurt Angle for the title, mind you, Joe should be the centerpiece of the program, not curtain jerking while defending his TNA World Title.  Hell, the TNA title match took a backseat to LAX vs. James Storm and Robert Roode for the TNA Tag Titles last night.  It’s a sad state of affairs to think that the lasting impression from last night’s program isn’t going to be Joe holding up his championship after a hard fought title defense, but instead, the image of Karen Angle, lying in pain on the mat after an attack by Awesome Kong.

Ranting and raving about the rest of the show, after the jump.

This bugs me.  Why does TNA have episode names shown at the beginning of their program now?  We started out the show with “I put a hit out on my wife” shown on our screen.  It wouldn’t bug me too much, if later on in the show the announcers didn’t act so surprised when Kurt Angle said “I put a hit out on my beautiful wife Karen.”  Oh my god, Kurt Angle put a hit out on his wife Karen?  I didn’t expect that!  Apparently, because you have the IQ of a chicken.

Speaking of things that didn’t make a whole lot of sense on last night’s program, why did Samoa Joe offer his locker room to Booker T and say “I’m not going to be needing it?”

On the same train of thought, despite the fact that he was telling the truth, why did the referee restart the tag title match after Hector Guerrero told him that Storm and Roode cheated to win the match?  First of all, he’s a Guerrero, you’re not supposed to trust them.  Second of all, you didn’t see what happened and Guerrero is aligned with the team that lost.  So why restart the match?

Note to Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal – I don’t care about your love triangle with So Cal Val.  Get real gimmicks and stick to what you do best – amazing the crowd with your awesome X-Division style.

Welcome to TNA, Shawn Davairi.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen the X-Cup before, but after seeing team Japan take on, unsuccessfully, the Motor City Machine Guns, I’m really looking forward to it.  Those guys were the quickest guys I’ve seen… probably ever.  Also, a congrats goes out to “Textbook” Tyson Dux for being a part of it as well.  He’s a guy I used to watch when he was on the mid-card in the indies while Eric Young was champion.  Hopefully he’ll do better with his TNA stint than he did in his stint jobbing on Heat.

Angelina Love, who was mentioned in my ECW rant about Matt Sydal the other night, lost to Gail Kim.

Curry Man, representing Team TNA, lost to a Russian wrestler who will be a part of Team International in the X-cup.

And in our Main Event, despite the fact that there was a title match, Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles in a match that featured everybody and their mothers brawling, including the returning Abyss.  Show ends with Kong beating up Karen, and Kurt pulling a fallen Karen on top of a fallen AJ Styles.

It was a pretty decent show, in my opinion, despite the fact that, as per usual, it didn’t really make a lot of sense.  TNA needs to really stick with the wrestling, in my opinion.  It’s what got them on national TV, and we don’t need these overly dramatic (and sometimes stupid) storylines.  Just put your guys in the ring and let them tell their own stories.  That’s the best possible thing you can do with such a talented roster.

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