Alright, I’m up for commenting on the rankings this week.  I haven’t done so the last couple of weeks because I’d been posting these without a lot of time to get in depth.  Here we go!

1. Rey Mysterio (Last week: 4)

I ranked Mysterio 9th in my vote.  Yeah, he won the World Heavyweight Championship at Fatal Four Way, but Kane got involved in the match, so I didn’t really find him winning the title to be an impressive feat.  Win a match without outside interference, then we’ll talk.

2. Rob Van Dam (2)

RVD was my number one pick, and he wasn’t on TV this week.  The fact that he’s number two overall on this list despite that fact says something about the push he’s gotten in TNA.

3. Sheamus (NR)

For the same reason that I ranked Mysterio number 9, I ranked Sheamus number 10.  The NXT rookies destroying all of your opponents and you lucking out to avoid that fate before pinning John Cena, that’s not an impressive victory to me.  Add in that you didn’t do anything impressive the next night in RAW, and I’m not sure how you managed third place this week in the Power Poll.

4. Kurt Angle (3)

Without even a mention on iMPACT this week, his win over Kazarian at Slammiversary must have impressed voters enough to allow Angle to stay strong in this week’s poll.

5. John Cena (1)

The former WWE Champion drops four spots this week – and he didn’t even make my personal list.  I know John Cena is a big name with a lot of fans, but he didn’t impress me during the voting period.  Maybe next week, Cenation.

6. The Miz (NR)

Winning the United States Championship on RAW last week wasn’t enough to put the Miz on the Power Poll, but retaining the title at Fatal Four Way sure did.  Add in the fact that he assaulted Randy Orton on RAW, and The Miz made number four on my personal list.  He definitely impressed the right people, and hopefully we’re seeing the start of a main event push for The Miz.

7. Abyss (NR)

Abyss turned on Hulk Hogan this week on iMPACT, after destroying Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam.  This impressed me enough to place him number two on my personal list, and it sends him into the Power Poll this week.

8. Evan Bourne (NR)

Number 5 on my personal list, a win over Chris Jericho at Fatal Four Way and an impressive showing the following night on RAW sends Bourne flying into the top ten, hitting number 8.  (My personal rank:  5)

9. Randy Orton (5)

Orton impressed despite not winning at Fatal Four Way, and his threat to the NXT rookies (before being speared by Edge) seems to have the Power Poll voters still clinging to Orton in their top ten lists.  (My personal rank: 8)

10. Kofi Kingston (NR)

He may have been left lying by Drew McIntyre on SmackDown, but he retained his Intercontinental Championship at Fatal Four Way, which is enough to put Kofi Kingston back into the Power Poll.  (My personal rank: 7)

Dropped out: Big Show, Jack Swagger, Bryan Danielson, C.M. Punk, Kane

Also receiving votes:
Edge, Jack Swagger, C.M. Punk, Big Show, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Tyler Black, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson, Jay Lethal, Kane

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BoredWrestlingFan.comOnline World of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ponderings, Project Wonderboy, Ringside RantsWrestleRage.comWrestlespective

The Power Poll is a weekly top 10 list ranking men’s singles wrestlers in WWE and TNA voted by wrestling writers. If you are interested becoming a voter, e-mail wrestlespective(at) and include a link to your site.

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