Yours truly missed the deadline to submit this week despite reminding myself constantly. Here’s this week’s power poll with comments from Jason Mann of WrestlePerspective!

1. Sheamus (Last week: 3)
The WWE champion vaults to the top spot in the Power Poll thanks to his fine, fellariffic promos, his strong win against Mark Henry and his ability to keep his working papers in order.

2. Kurt Angle (4)
Angle has moved up the Power Poll rankings much quicker than he has in the TNA top 10 after a win in a stellar match against Desmond Wolfe.

3. Rob Van Dam (2)
The TNA champion again did little on Impact, other than be attacked by Abyss, but his strong showings during his title reign have kept him from slipping, yet.

4. Rey Mysterio (1)
Mysterio was absent from this week’s Smackdown, presumably still celebrating his World Championship victory, but holding the belt means a lot in these rankings.

5. Abyss (7)
The monster continued his reign of terror, beating Ken Anderson in the main event of Impact and wrecking havoc through the show, in preparation for his big feud with Hulk Hogan.

6. Randy Orton (9)
Despite reportedly being banged up, Orton managed to pick up a victory over Ted DiBiase in the 8-man “mega” tag match on Raw. Isn’t it funny that Orton is becoming so well known for concealing his injuries, while his father’s gimmick was milking them for all they are worth.

7. John Cena (5)
The former champ slides down a bit, but he’ll have a chance to vault up the ranks again in a steel-cage match against Sheamus. That cage should keep those pesky Nexus folks from interfering, I’m sure, because there certainly hasn’t been a cage match in the past 20 years with outside interference.

8. Chris Jericho (NR)
Riding high on his network game show, Jericho seems to have reversed his poor fortune of late and finds a spot on the Power Poll.

9. Jay Lethal (NR)
No one’s been hotter on Impact over the past few weeks than Lethal, and he makes into the Power Poll with a convincing win over Kazarian.

10. Ken Anderson (NR)
Thursday wasn’t his strongest showing, but he’s another TNA character with a strong showing recently and he has a chance to do even better at Victory Road.

Dropped out: The Miz (6), Evan Bourne (8), Kofi Kingston (10)

Also receiving votes: The Miz, Kane, Jack Swagger, C.M. Punk, Kofi Kingston, Sting, Matt Hardy, Bryan Danielson, Cody Rhodes, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy

Participating sites:, Online World of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ponderings, Project Wonderboy, Ringside Rants,, Wrestlespective

The Power Poll is a weekly top 10 list ranking men’s singles wrestlers in WWE and TNA voted by wrestling writers. If you are interested in becoming a voter, e-mail wrestlespective(at) and include a link to your site.

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