Power Poll 7/14/10

1. Rob Van Dam (Last week: NR)

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion dropped off the Power Poll last week, but is back with a vengeance after a victory over Samoa Joe on iMPACT and retaining his title in the four way at Victory Road.  (My vote:  2)

2. Randy Orton (3)

The Viper holds strong this week, climbing to number two despite a loss to Edge.  The reason?  How about the Holy Shit moment of the night from RAW where Orton RKO’d Evan Bourne right out of Air Bourne?  That twitter Trending Topic worthy move definitely boosted Orton’s ranking in the eyes of the voters.  (My vote: 1)

3. Jack Swagger (5)

The World Heavyweight Champion and his ruthless aggression continue to shine on Friday Night Smackdown, where this week he dragged Rey Mysterio all across the backstage area in an Ankle Lock, then tried to pull the same on The Big Show before being interrogated by Kane.  (My vote:  3)

4. Sheamus (1)

The WWE Champion drops three spots after running from The Nexus on RAW before saving his Money In The Bank challenger John Cena from the group later in the night.  (My vote:  9)

5. John Cena (2)

Meanwhile, a decent promo to kick off RAW and a strong showing against the aforementioned Nexus in a 6-on-1 handicap match can’t keep John Cena from also falling three spots.  (My vote:  NR)

6. The Miz (NR)

The United States Champion continues RAW’s dominance of this week’s Power Poll after his decimation and humiliation of Mark Henry on Monday Night.  (My vote:  6)

7. Edge (NR)

The Rated R Superstar, yet another RAW wrestler, breaks into the Power Poll top 10 with a victory over Randy Orton and a killer promo later in the night.  (My vote:  7)

8. Kurt Angle (8)

Kurt Angle may be staying put on the Power Poll rankings, but a victory over The Pope at Victory Road will almost certainly move him up the rankings in TNA.  (My vote:  NR)

9. Wade Barrett (NR)

The leader of The Nexus made a huge splash in the first week of the Power Poll, but has just now found his way back.  A great promo to kick off RAW, the Nexus’ subsequent beatdown of several Superstars backstage, and leading the group to victory over John Cena will do that.  (My vote:  NR)

10. Rey Mysterio (4)

The World Heavyweight Champion manages to stay on the list, despite his only appearance on SmackDown having been dragged down a hallway by Jack Swagger.  Apparently, being a World Champion is heavily considered by several members of the Power Poll Panel.

Dropped out: Abyss, Evan Bourne, Jay Lethal, Jeff Hardy

Also receiving votes: Jay Lethal, Evan Bourne, Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Abyss, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Doink the Clown, The Nexus, Samoa Joe, Kazarian, A.J. Styles, Percy Watson, Alicia Fox, Maryse, Kaval

Wrestlers that I voted for who did not make the list include:  A.J. Styles (4), Kazarian (5), Samoa Joe (8), and Doink The Clown (10).

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