Power Poll 7/21/10: That’s got to be Kane!

1. Kane (NR)

The Big Red Monster had a pretty good night on Sunday, winning and subsequently cashing in the SmackDown Money In The Bank contract to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, at the expense of Rey Mysterio (my vote:  1)

2. Sheamus (4)

Meanwhile, the WWE Championship has remained in the possession of one man – Sheamus.  Despite interference from The Nexus on Sunday and a close call with RAW Money In The Bank winner The Miz, the first Irish-born WWE Champion has managed to hang on to his title.  (my vote:  2)

3. The Miz (6)

Speaking of RAW’s Mr. Money In The Bank, The Miz has shown that he’s a threat to the WWE Championship at any moment.  If it weren’t for R-Truth, Miz would be in the top two right now.  (my vote: 3)

4. Randy Orton (2)

The new number one contender for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam has also become a superstar on Twitter, hitting the Trending Topics for a second straight week and then joining the microblogging service himself.  (my vote:  10)

5. Rob Van Dam (1)

While he didn’t do enough this week to keep his spot at the top of the list, TNA’s World Champion’s aligning with the invading former ECW members seems to be enough to keep him in the top 5.  (my vote:  5)

6. John Cena (5)

Despite losing due to Nexus interference in the steel cage match at Money In The Bank, John Cena redeemed himself the following night on RAW, putting together a team of WWE All-stars to battle The Nexus at SummerSlam.  (my vote: 4)

7. Wade Barrett (9)

The leader of the Nexus showed that he can handle himself in a one on one situation as he put down the World’s Strongest Man on RAW.  (my vote:  6)

8. Rey Mysterio (10)

The former World Champion had a strong showing in a victory over Jack Swagger at Money In The Bank before dropping the title to Kane in an impromptu match.  (my vote:  NR)

9. Kurt Angle (8)

Doing nothing of note this week, Kurt Angle drops slightly in our rankings.  (my vote:  NR)

10. Chris Jericho (NR)

Jericho’s decision to join forces with John Cena and his group at SummerSlam has impressed our voters enough to earn him a spot in this week’s Power Poll (my vote: NR)

Others voted for by me: Samoa Joe (7), John Morrison (8), and Kofi Kingston (9)

Dropped out: Jack Swagger, Edge

Also receiving votes: Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, Jack Swagger, Abyss, Edge, Ted DiBiase (Jr.), Neutronic, Evan Bourne, Mascarita Dorada, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Vegetative Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Nexus

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