“Some of you aren’t going to be thrilled about who is at the top of the rankings this week (at least as much as you might be emotionally involved in the results of the Power Poll). “ – Jason Mann, WrestlePerspective

1. John Cena (2)

By comparison, I ranked Cena 6th on my Power Poll ballot, and oddly enough he was still the top WWE guy on there.  But, apparently, The Nexus is a bigger threat to the WWE than I thought, and Cena defeating them at SummerSlam and then defeating Darren Young and having him exiled from the group is enough to put him at the top of this week’s rankings.

2. Kane (6)

By virtue of his win over Rey Mysterio at SummerSlam, I ranked Kane number 10 on my ballot.  He makes number two overall this week, however, after a surprisingly clean win at SummerSlam and easy dominance over his brother following the match.

3. Randy Orton (5)

The Viper earned a win in his WWE Championship match at SummerSlam, but since it was by disqualification, he didn’t earn the title.  An impressive showing against Justin Gabriel of The Nexus on RAW before being distracted into a countout loss by Sheamus helps Orton climb the ranks.  (My vote:  N/A)

4. The Miz (1)

The United States Champion was snubbed by Team WWE at SummerSlam in favor of his former NXT rookie Daniel Bryan, but that doesn’t take the Miz down too far this week, since he caused Bryan to be eliminated, then cost him a match against Michael Tarver of The Nexus the following night along with current NXT rookie Alex Riley.  (My vote:  N/A)

5. Daniel Bryan (NR)

In his surprise return at SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan single handedly eliminated at least two members of The Nexus before being taken out by his former mentor The Miz and his Money In The Bank briefcase.  The following night, he impressed against Michael Tarver, but once again the United States Champion stopped him from attaining victory.  (My vote:  7)

6. Sheamus (4)

The WWE Champion drops in the rankings again after failing to earn a victory over Randy Orton at SummerSlam.  Eating an RKO on RAW doesn’t help stop him from falling either.  (My vote:  N/A)

7. Alex Shelley (NR)

Despite the entire top 5 of my ballot being TNA wrestlers, Alex Shelley is the first representative of that company to appear on the official Power Poll for this week.  If you’re going to pick a top guy for TNA, this is one of the four men that deserve that honor after the impressive match in which the Motor City Machine Guns retained the TNA Tag Team Championships on the Whole F’N Show.  (My vote:  3)

8. Chris Sabin (NR)

See Shelley, Alex.  (My vote:  2)

9. Wade Barrett (NR)

The Leader of The Nexus was the last member of team to be eliminated at SummerSlam, and he redeemed himself enough to gain a spot in this week’s Power Poll by defeating Chris Jericho cleanly on RAW.  (My vote:  N/A)

10. Rob Van Dam (3)

The TNA World Champion, what’s left of him anyway, earns the last spot on this week’s Power Poll after an impressive showing against Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match on The Whole F’N Show.  (My vote:  5)

I also voted for: James Storm (1), Robert Roode (4), Abyss (8), and The Undertaker (9).
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