Fresh out of the IWC voting ballot box, comes the Power Poll for the fallout from WrestleMania 27. We take into account the build prior the showcase of the immortals, but more importantly, rank the wrestlers based on their performance and storyline outcomes from WrestleMania itself. And while we’ve seen some development on RAW last Monday… we will just pretend it didn’t happen, ok?

No Animated-Gif’s for this one… just Mania-related photos.

1. The Rock

While The Rock seemed toned down, or neutered if you will, his dominance over the top champion and John Cena more or less places him above everyone on the roster. Not the best outcome for WrestleMania. I didn’t like voting for him at the top with the way the card played out, but the reality The Rock is clearly belonging in the number one spot.

2. The Undertaker

The old guy really gave his all in the show stealing match of WrestleMania 27. If anything, being stretchered out only added to the significance of his effort in the bout.

3. Triple H

In what was likely the best match of the card, HHH did the right thing and tapped out to extend the streak to 19-0 for the Deadman. It would be hard to say he’s the loser here though, as the Game certainly brought his namesake to the match.

4. Edge

It’s been a while since Edge won at WrestleMania. Lord knows why they opened the show with the title match, but they did. Lord knows why they didn’t put Del Rio over, but they did. Edge probably wouldn’t have ranked this high had he lost, but the match itself was pretty good. Why did he take time to destroy Del Rio’s car after the match? Not sure…

5. The Miz

Although I hated the end of the show, the WWE got it right here. The Miz retains his title, and helps to cement him in as a top heel. This also keeps the door open for new face challengers and let’s John Cena wander off towards his program with the Rock.

6. Cody Rhodes

In what turned out to be a fantastic match with Mysterio, Rhodes got a deserving win keeping him high in the ranking. Rhodes has made massive strides as of late, and the culmination of his efforts puts him over as a decent heel threat. Where to from here?

7. Randy Orton

Orton had a great match with CM Punk, and prevailed the winner despite the Straight-Edged-one’s attack on his punting-leg. I was rooting for Punk myself, but we got an excellent bout regardless. Orton, like Rhodes, needs a new direction… but unlike most stories that end at WrestleMania, this one could keep going. Punk did wait over 3 years for his revenge, and he has no reason to stop until he gets it.

8. Rey Mysterio

Rey did the right thing on Sunday. He hand-selected a younger talent, put on a great build towards a great match with Rhodes. Put him over, and helped build to the future. Now Rey, go rest and heal up buddy! Then come back when you’re ready and do it again, please?

9. CM Punk

Punk was fantastic amongst the pack! I don’t think he should be done with his storyline with Orton just yet…. he may bide his time, he may not. The Viper is being hunted, I think.

10. Alberto Del Rio

After months of building towards what seemed a lock for a win, the WWE took a swerve approach and had him lose in the opening match. Wait… what? Exactly. Where does Del Rio go from here? I suspect he will capture the title within a PPV or two. Otherwise the WWE just shot themselves in the foot.

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