I’m not going to rant here. I’m an old guy when it comes to “What All the Kids Are Doing.” Seems that we’ve heard all about planking. Lying down all flat and being a plank. Pretty cool stuff. Or so I’m told. Looks awesome!

Generally I would never endorse any of this, as it’s not my thing. But, do what you like folks!

Note: I published this over at wonderpodonline.com late last night, and realized I didn’t share it over here at the Bored Wrestling Fan.

Sadly, this planking thing seems to be dead. Some guy decided to walk out with the Championship Meme from Internet Nerding Entertainment. Don’t want a lawsuit from Vinnie-Mac here, folks! Well, actually he is a wrestler who turned the industry upside down for three weeks (hopefully not ruined on this Monday’s WWE RAW). This man is CM Punk. And this is “Punking.”:

And this:

This too:

What a clever idea. Who ever came up with this…. Kudos!

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