Well I’m back here for another week of what’s going on in the world of whatever, whenever, whomever, wherever, whyever and however. (Wow I can’t believe I just wrote that!)  Lets hope I can remember everything that I wanted to talk about:

1.  RIP Clarence Clemons.

2.  RIP Ryan Dunn.

3.  I hearing that people are saying that Green Lantern sucked, haven’t heard anybody actually say that though. This writers opinion is that the movie didn’t suck in fact that not only was it awesome, but one of the best comic book movies made.

4.  Dolph Ziggler is US Champ again.  For some reason, I just don’t care this time.  I saw this whole Ziggler/Kofi feud on Smackdown already ant it doesn’t really do anything for the two guys now.

5.  Ezekial Jackson is the new IC Champ.  Wait the IC Championship is still around?????  No seriously this is good for him though if he didn’t get injured I think he would be in the main even picture by now.

6.  So RAW was “Power To The People” this past week.  Well when watching the shoe I had the feeling that some of the fan choices were’t legit and I said it on another website’s forums and of course like usual on that site I was immediately shut down and told that they were legit.  Then on Tuesday WWE announces that some of the fan choices were actually not legit!  (I mean Mason Ryan really?)  Well I guess WWE won’t go with text messaging the voting again.

7.  Total number of votes cast by me during RAW  last Monday: 0

8.  Mason Ryan getting “Batista” chants.  Not sure of that really all that good for him.

9.  Christian, R-Truth, and The Miz’s confrontation was one of the best things I’vever seen on RAW.  Too bad Teddy Long had to screw it up by interrupting them.

10.  CM Punk’s contract is up on July 17 and he is gonna leave the WWE with the WWE title!  Um yeah methinks that he resigned.

11.  RAW Roulette next week, really?  Why cant we have a couple weeks in between gimmick shows?

12.  Jobbo Guerrero was released this week. Now who’s gonna put Hornswoggle over?

13.  Anybody notice that since becoming a referee, Nunzio is the most mic’d referee ever?  Well it seemes to me that way.

14.  The new Anthrax song off their new album coming out September 13 which is the day before a certain writer of this article will be seeing them at Yankee Stadium along with Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica.  This is Anthrax first new album since 2003 and the first album with Joey Belladonna since 1990’s Persistence Of Time.

Well thats all I’ve got this week.  Thank you all for reading and see you all next time.

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