What’s up folks, it’s good to be back, well at least for a couple weeks anyway (my vacation is July 29-August 7).  So lets see what’s been happening in the world recently.  92 degrees in JTland here today so if anything sounds like it doesn’t make any sense, that’s why.

1.  Well tonight’s the night we’ve all been waiting for.  Will CM Punk beat John Cena and leave WWE with the WWE Championship???  I think he won’t, well at least not leave with the title.  I have a feeling that Punk wins and the RAW Money In The Bank winner cashes in and beats Punk, thus Cena not being fired.

2.  I got out to see Transformers 3 this week and thought it was quite good however if you plan on seeing it, don’t waste your money and see it in 3D.  The 3D effects suck. So save whatever the difference ($4 here) and see it 2D.

3.  So 15 Major League players voted to this years All-Star game decided not to show up.  You my friends are a bunch of DOUCHEBAGS!  You were all chosen by the fans and you should’ve shown up to play your 1-2 innings of baseball.

4.  Congratulations to my Atlanta Braves for winning their 10,000th game on Friday night!

5.  I cannot say enough on how awesome Christian was this week on Smackdown.  He clearly shows why he should be World Champion.  Yet he’ll probably get killed tonight.

6.  I’ve heard people complain that Cens just suddenly had a Boston accent.  Well first of all I didn’t even notice a change in his voice.  Second of all he is from the Boston area, he’s probably had it all his life and changed it when he started with WWE.

7.  We all want the WWE Ice Cream Bars!!!!!!

8.  When you have a handicap match and the one guy is bigger than the tag team he’s facing, can it’s not considered a handicap match.

9.  Justin Gabriel has singles potential.  I think I said that a year ago.  Heath Slater, how long before he’s gone.

10.  WWE’s hinting at a Kane heel turn again.  Well you know what I don’t mind it with him because his character is one with issues plus heel Kane is quite awesome anyway.


Well that’s all I’ve got for now folks.  Thank you all for reading and see you all next time.




  1. I'll see you 92 degrees, and raise you 105. That's Fahrenheit.

    1. YES!!!!! YES!!!!! A thousand times yes!

    2. I never cared for that franchise, but I saw "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2." It was great, considering all the material that had to be cut, but the point of mentioning it is that your comments about 3D versus 2D apply to this film as well.

    5. Not so! I loves me a thinking heel, and Christian was glorious in exploiting Orton's "anger management" issues. Christian versus Daniel Bryan. Huzzah!

    7. Yes, we do! Somebody make Good Humor stop being obnoxious.

    9. I had this very discussion while watching the show. If you ever needed an example or definition of "the It Factor," just watch that tag team. Gabriel clearly has "It." Slater clearly does not.

  2. We're supposed to hit 100 here later in the week. I'm not too into the Harry Potter franchise and actually wasn't running to the theater to see Transformers, one of my friends was going to see it and asked if I wanted to see it with him and I said yes.

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