Well I’m back from vacation and like everyone else, it wasn’t long enough but life must go on and while things don’t seem to be slowing down here in BWFland, I must continue to give you what i do!

1.  HE IS ALBERTO DEL RIO AND HE IS WWE CHAMPION!  He has in a year’s time won the Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank and become WWE Champion.  Not too shabby for a first year in the WWE.While I think that him being champion is awesome, I think Punk should’ve kept the belt longer.

2.  Christian had a surprise at Summerslam, Edge.  I remember someone mentioning that his surprise was gonna be Edge in a podcast somewhere.  I wonder who that could be. (though to be fair the mentioned conversation was for the Smackdown before Summerslam)

3.  And because WWE loves to do it, Orton is World Champion again.  Does WWE realize that the Orton character has jumped the shark big time.

4.  Speaking of jumping the shark, Teddy Long has too and I’m not blaming HHH for this because Long’s been bland for months now and needs something and this whole love thing with “random NXT diva” isn’t helping.

5.  For those who care the Sin Cara that returned to Smackdown isn’t the same guy as before.  From what I’ve heard it that Mistico (the original Sin Cara) is gonna be brought back to feud with the current one being played by Hunico.  The feud will be boring and I will just fast forward thru it.  One Sin Cara is bad enough but Sin Cara vs Sin Cara, zzzzzz.

6.Kevin Nash returned and was the reason C.M. Punk is no longer WWE Champion.  Well it’s about time WWE used Nash since his return at the Rumble.  I’me even more amazed that he hasn’t been injured yet.

7.  WWE has applied for trademarks on “Future Endeavored”, “Future Endeavor”, and “Mr. Future Endeavor”.  Other than the last one which can be used as an onscreen character, um, come on really WWE, this is stupid.

8.  Cody Rhodes is Intercontinental Champion.  Congrations you actually deserve this.  As for Ezekiel Jackson, well I guess it’s back to Superstars for you.

9.  Legacy was reunited in the ring this past week With Orton and Rhodes both having singles titles, if this were the attitude era Rhodes would have the IC title, Orton the World title and DiBiase the Hardcore title.  Sorry just a random thought.

10.  So just like that Mark Henry is moved into the #1 Contender position for the World Title.  Why do I have a feeling that at Night Of Champions, there will be a triple threat match for the World title?

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Thanks for reading and see you all next time!



  1. 1. While I hated how quickly they've been advancing the Punk story, they've done the opposite with Alberto's destiny angle… with delay after delay. In that regard, I'm quite glad they finally pulled the trigger on it before the delays completely buried interest. I'm all for it too. Punk might be at the level where he doesn't need the belt (or so I would argue).

    3. I don't think they do. The crowd in Calgary for the better part didn't either. Me? Yep. Yawn.


    5. I don't know who we saw last night, but hot damn, that Sin Cara fucked up his spots that they refilmed elements of the match 3 times. I'll talk about this more on the SD review Friday (Seat Filler #3).

    7. Johnny Ace's new gimmick? That's the rumour.

    8. Sadly Zeke will face The Mediocre Khali on Smackdown…. ughh….

    10. It would certainly hide Henry's slow and lumbering style if it goes that way.

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