With experiencing both an earthquake and Irene’s wrath in the same week, it’s amazing to see how one can deal with things granted i only felt about 20 seconds of the earthquake and were getting the end of Irene but still it counts doesn’t it.  While those weren’t the only things going on, let me take a look at some other things that went on during the week:

1.  I hate to start wit a bummer but I feel I must.  If you follow me on twitter, facebook or google+ than you already know this but if you don’t here it is: I was diagnosed with a rather large Kidney Stone on Wednesday.  While medication has me feeling pretty good, I hear the worst is still yet to come and there may be no article next week if I haven’t passed it by then.

2.  The official end of the summer is here in the great New York State Fair is here!  While it hasn’t changed much in the 30 years I’ve been going to it, I still go multiple times every year and still have fun.

3.  Congrats to the new tag team champs of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne.  You guys are both deserving of the titles and hopefully you will have them for awhile.

4.  I said it before that The Miz and R-Truth were awesome together.  Looks like someone was listening.

5.  Samckdown goes live this Tuesday and the rumor is that if it does well in the ratings department, it will move to Tuesday night’s permanently.  I kinda like this idea because it gets my wrestling viewing done early in the week (not that it’s really a chore anyway).

6.  From reports that I heard, the original Sin Cara (Mistico) was the Sin Cara that was involved in the match with Heath Slater that was taped 3 times, but then again Gee was actually there in person so I believe what he says the it was the other guy.  but then again they both suck and I didn’t watch the match either way.

I don’t know, I guess that all I’ve got for this week thanks for reading and see you all next time.



  1. 1. Crap, I didn't know about this. Get well soon JT! Hopefully it passes as quick as possible.

    5. With the UFC moving to Fridays on FOX, that's competition that WWE doesn't need on a tough night to get eyeballs on the program. The only reason I watch on Friday is due to my work schedule which leaves little time and energy to bother going out. Tuesday would be a welcome change.

    6. Outside of actually going to the ring and unmasking the guy, or taking the PWI reports for their word, Hunico is "wider" in build. Also, when he donned the Sin Cara mask, he integrated the Lionsault spot into the matches which we also saw twice. If this type of stuff happens regularly with either of the two luchas, you've got to wonder how the WWE can confidently put Sin Cara on a PPV….

  2. 1. Get well soon!

    5. I don't want it to move to Tuesdays, I'm actually going to be home on Fridays starting mid September.

    6. I liked Hunico as Sin Cara the one week I actually managed to watch SmackDown. I thought it was a lot better than Mistico, but what the hell do I know? Personally, I still wish they would turn the fucking lights on during his matches.

    • 6. I noticed that the in ring work is very visible due to the orange lights illuminating it. Outside the ring, the blue lighting isn't too bad live. HD or not, it doesn't translate well. There's all this talk about Mistico doing house shows, and Hunico being the TV guy lately. Who the hell knows who will be Sin Cara next week (Amazing Red?), but since they own the gimmick, this character could go FFW on the Doink or Los Conquistadores gimmicks.

  3. I actually had a hint of hope that they'd keep the lights on for the Sin Cara/Jack Swagger match on RAW. I was wrong.

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