Well the pain has subsided yet the stone hasn’t passed yet so let’s get on with this thingy so I can go enjoy the rest of my weekend.

1.  A very big get well soon goes out to BWF favorite to Santino Marella who was injured this weekend in a car accident. He suffered a separated left shoulder and will be out for some time.  How long, well I haven’t heard anything yet,but hopefully this doesn’t give WWE the chance to give him his walking papers.

2.  Matt Hardy is a douche, that is all.

3.  So the brand split is no more, well at least on RAW.  I would just like to know when it was ever enforced.

4.  Team Air Boom, well if I knew WWE was taking suggestions I would’ve suggested Blingston.

5.  HHH will run through be facing C.M. Punk at Night of Champions.  Wait I thought all the matches at that pay per view were supposed to be title matches.

6.  We heard the nWo theme music for the first time since Vince banned it back in like 2003.  Well Vince isn’t in charge anymore so I guess it’s ok.

7.  I don’t get Cena running through Wade Barrett on Smackdown.  I knew Cena was gonna win but at least have Barrett get some sort of offense in.

8.  Remember when Great Khali was a scary threat?  And now he just jobs to everyone.  I bet he would lose to Hornswoggle if the two feuded.

9.  I know WWE likes to run over on their live shows, but on Tuesday’s Smackdown, it was just too much.  Mark Henry should’ve just laid Orton out and we should’ve faded to black, not have stretch the beat down for 5 extra boring minutes, it wasn’t necessary.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

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