It’s that time again and all I can say is what a week.  So much has happened it the realm of everything random and I don’t know if I will remember it all.  Please stay tuned at the end of the broadcast for a very special announcement from me.

1.  RIP Steve Jobs.

2.  RIP Al Davis.  The Raider Nation won’t be the same without you. Signed a longtime Raider fan.

3.  Vince Russo finally wised up and stepped down as head of creative in TNA or Impact wrestling or whatever they call themselves.  It’s about time you joined the club.

4.  Cody Rhodes and the classic Intercontinental Title Belt, Awesome!

5.  Santino Returns, also awesome.

6.  I liked the WWE superstars vote of “No Confidence” and the walkout.  Even thought it’s probably gonna end badly, it still has me intrigued on where it could be going.

7.  Michael Cole says that if HHH doesn’t step down then he refuses to work on the RAW announce team.  I hate to say this but for the first time, I now actually don’t want HHH to step down.

8.  Michael Cole has kids????  I feel sorry for them.

9.  Sebastian Bach’s new CD “Kicking & Screaming” is quite good. Check it out. Just an fyi it’s this Sebastian Bach and not this one.

10.  The Big Show returned and cried.  Groan, I hate when they do this.  Then he became a monster.  I like monster Big Show.

11.  I like the fact at least for now that WWE isn’t going with another Orton/Henry match for the title.

12.  The Simpsons was almost canceled this week due to FOX not being able to afford to make it.  From a long time fan I would be totally ok if it was ended at the end of this season.  How many shows can I actually say that I started watching when I was 11 years old and 22 years later still on the air.  But luckily the cast of the show decided to take a big pay cut so we can get 2 more years of it.  I heard that at the end of that two years, they will have racked in a whopping 559 episodes.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for this week thank you all for reading and see you all next time.


I have to let you all know that I’m taking yet another leave of absence, albeit briefly since my Kidney Stone surgery is this Thursday so you may not hear from me for a week or two depending on how I feel.  Hopefully my recovery time will be quick and I will be back sooner rather than later but until then see you all next time.



  1. Please tell me that you plan to keep it in a little jar, name it, and keep it on your bedside table. Seriously, happy thoughts and well-wishes in your direction, and hopefully this will all be behind you soon.

    3. As happy as I am to see this happen, it's not the magic bullet that many people believe it to be. TNA has quite a lot of issues to overcome, two of which just re-signed contracts.

    8. I feel sorrier for their mother.

    9. I'll definitely check this out. I've been a huge fan of his for years, and if there's one thing that I wish I could have seen live and in person, it would be his starring role in the "Jekyll and Hyde" Broadway musical. His run was short, but he was said to be good in it.

  2. It's pretty large so if they let me keep a piece of it, maybe I just will.

    3. I wouldn't expect anything more from TNA.

    8. anybody stupid enough to marry him deserves it.

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