Well I’m back after a brief hiatus in which my surgery went well but then I ended up experiencing the worst pain ever to getting better to be here with you all today.  I was thinking about doing a “week in the life of” article on it but I figured you wouldn’t want to hear about my bodily functions anyway.  So since some things have been happening since I’ve ladt been here, lets talk about some of them:

1.  The 2011 World Series is underway and I’m rooting for the Texas Rangers!  Having said that congrats to the St’ Louis Cardinals on your World Series victory.

2.  John Laurinaitis as RAW GM????? Horrible idea.  Yeah I know it’s not the usual go to McMahon idea, this just isn’t a good one either.

3.  Zack Ryder has pinned two former World Champions! WWWYKI!!!!!!!

4.  Apparently Hulk Hogan does not equal ratings.  A couple weeks ago the Hardcore Pawn season finale got the highest rating ever on the TruTV network.  For those who don’t know Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling is on the same network.

5.  Speaking of Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling, the season is done after 5 episodes and it couldn’t have ended any sooner.  If they had actually showed us full matches and not just clips and Hogan, and Nobbs telling how good/bad the match was, it might’ve been better.  If there is a season 2, I probably won’t be around.

6.  JR making Michael Cole tap was the best moment from RAW for me at least.

7.  JR is apparently done announcing on RAW and will only be doing pay per views from now on.

8.  I saw the netflix version of WWE OMG and I have to say that it’s quite a good trip through memory lane and is worth checking out.

9.  Heath Slater got a wellness violation.  I have a feeling we won’t see him again.

10.  Sin Crapa faced Shit Cara to find out who the has the right to use the name Shit Crapa.  Wait it was a mask vs. mask match? Really? Well Sin Crapa won and will be knowm fom this day forward as Shit Cara.

11.  Mark Henry got knocked the fuck out by Big Show on Smackdown.  Someone need to make a gif  of that.

12.  WWE is allowing us the fans to help name the shows for the WWE Network.  I do believe the voting will be totally “legit” here.

13.  Some of the proposed names to the WWE network programming include (courtesy of Dwattz):

  • MNW Show: How Triple H saved the Monday Night Wars
  • Divas Show: My Wife Stephanie & Friends
  • Legends Show: Triple H & Friends
  • -Best of Show(s):
  • Best of Triple H
  • Triple H: Greatest burials of all time
  • Bret Hart: Triple H knew the whole time too, ya know…
  • Undertaker: How Triple H is more than a fake streak
  • Shawn Michaels: Too Small to be Triple H
  • My Manager: Ric Flair
  • No Chance in Hell: How Triple H will supercede Vince McMahon

Well that’s all I’ve got for now thanks again for reading and see you al next time.

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  1. 3. Wow, I forgot both Dolph and Swagger's world title reigns!

    8. I have the DVD, got it the day it came out. Love it. They just re-created one of those on tonight's PPV, BTW

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