Welcome to the new edition of Random Randomness, well not really new, just now with less wrestling and more random.  I figured that since I’m a part of BWF Radio (listen damnit) I wouldn’t rehash my opinions twice in the same week, so the articles may be a bit shorter or there may not be one at all some weeks, it all depends on what I can find out there in the world.  So without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  Well you all know that I live in the city of Syracuse, NY (sorry folks JTland isn’t really real) and are aware what had been going on with our now former assistant basketball coachBernie fine.  I kinda have been purposefully avoiding this since it’s all over the news here and I’m kind of sick of it.  But all in all my opinion is that Bernie you are a piece of shit ant you deserve what you have coming to you.

2.  Herman Cain officially left the presidential race yesterday.  Damnit, you messed it up, I was so ready to go on a “you are a disgrace and need to drop out” rant but you had to spoil it for me.  Oh well, I just now feel bad for The Daily Show.  Who are they gonna pick on now?  Noe one was more laugh at able than him.

3.  Miley Cyrus admitted that she is a stoner this week.  Well if I had to play the crap she plays every night, I’d have to be stoned too.

4.  Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister has his own brand of wine available.  Lemmy, Mr. all I drink is Jack and Coke has his own brand of wine.  What Jack Daniels couldn’t work with him to give him his own brand of whiskey?  Come on.

5.  RIP Patrice O’Neal.  For those who don’t know he was a former WWE writer.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week thanks again for reading and see you all next time.



  1. 2. I agree completely with everyone who insists that Herman Cain was really Sasha Baron Cohen, and that this whole "presidential campaign" thing was simply the greatest piece of performance art in human history.

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