Well another week gone by and another one closer to the Christmas holiday, I probably should get out and get my shopping done but with a lack of funds available I don’t really motivated.  But I haven’t really felt motivated in general lately thought that doesn’t mead I wont do anything, if that even makes sense.  So without further rambling, lets get this done and over with:

1.  I got the new Korn CD this week called “The Path Of Totality” and I have to say that I was quite surprised.  With the crap that was their last two CD’s I was not excited at all for this to come out but the Korn fan told me to check it out.  This is not a typical Korn CD since it them collaborating with a bunch of electronic artists those of which I haven’t heard of but it sounds like Korn goes Nine Inch Nails for an album.  Now is this a great album, no but it’s definitely worth a listen and it is better than their previous two releases.

2.  The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 inductees have been announced and among those being inducted next year are Guns N’ Roses, Red Hoe Chile Peppers and The Beastie Boys.  While I can go on like everyone else and whine one who should be in and who shouldn’t , I’m not since everybody I know does it and I’m just gonna focus on these three for today since these are the ones I care about:

  • Guns N’Roses-  Well I think they are jumping the gun with this one because technically Appetite didn’t come out until sometime in 1987, making them ineligible until 2013.  Well it looks like they want to try for a full Guns N’Roses reunion before the world ends on 12/21/12.  While I think they are deserving, the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame will fail in getting a full reunion.  My prediction is that everybody shows up except Axl.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers-  Why not. They are one of the biggest bands of all time and consistently put out great music.  Definitely deserving.  Just an FYI, they’ve been eligible since 2009.
  • Beastie Boys-  For the people hating on them, go and pick up their album “Some Old Bullshit”  (if it’s still available).  It chronicles their days when they started out as a Punk Rock band.  They were definitely pioneers in bridging more than one genre of music and should be included.

3.  Well it’s been a little more than 3 months now that I’ve been able to view ROH on a regular basis, I figured I’d take a few minuted and talk about it so far and what I like/dislike about it so far:

  • The Briscoe Bros.-  I was told one time that they were the best tag team in wrestling today, but for some reason I don’t see it.  Yeah their good in the ring, but you can barely understand any of their promos and while cutting them they look like of drug addict’s looking for their next fix.  But they are from Delaware which Original Triumvirate member Firtz Stephey is from so that’s a plus.
  • The Worlds Greatest Tag Team-  I’m glad for these two since they are in a promotion who is giving them a chance to shine, though I don’t know how much is edited due to Shelton Benjamin botching moves (if he still does).
  • The All Night Express-  Great tag team who’s day is coming.
  • Prince Na Na-  I know G is high on him and he’s right, he does cut some great promo’s but I need to see more of him though.
  • Truth Martini-  If WWE were to get high on managers again, this guy should be their #1 choice.  He is awesome.  Wetier it being a commentator, just a jackass outside the ring or being the mouthpiece for the “House Of Truth” he is my favorite thus far.
  • Jay Lethal-  Good performer, but I miss Black Machismo. Sorry.
  • Davey Richards-  Great in the ring, you can tell he deserves to be champion but his promo skills may need some work.
  • I think that they need more than an hour  program time since they try to cram so much into an hour.  Hell their 1 hour program has two time slots, 6 and 10 pm.
  • Stop going the TNA route and take shots at WWE.  I’m tired of hearing how you guys are an entertaining sport and not sport’s entertainment.
  • Stop overpromoting.  The amount of time they spend promoting their website and the upcoming ippv you could put in another match or take a look at more ROH talent.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

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