During last week’s episode of BWF Radio I mentioned that I would be doing an article on what I did and here it is:

Random Randomness: Dubstep Edition.

Wub what? Yes you read that correctly.  This my encounter at a Dubstep show back last week (Feb 16 to be exact).  It was called “The 95x My Bloody Valentine’s Day Party” and it was thrown by a local rock radio station.  The reason why I attended, was the the headliner was J-Devil himself.  Who’s that you ask?  Well none other than Jonathan Davis of Korn.  So yeah being the fans of Korn my girlfriend and I are, we had to go.  Now I’ve never dealt into the realms of Dubstep before so this was a new experience for us.  So here how it went.

The show was originally scheduled for Feb 10th but was changed a week before since J-Devil had scheduling problems.  Now Korn had actually announced this show was happening before 95x (the radio station hosting) even announced it.  Side note: we otften have shows announced before the artists confirm then and they end up no showing or the show gets canceled at the last minute.

Now the uniform was to wear white and fake blood was supposed to be dropped on us during the night. (didn’t happen btw)  About half the people there including myself was actually wearing white.

So te night of the show we get to the Wescott Theatre (the venue) 15 mins. before showtime (8pm) and since they weren’t letting anybody in yet, we decide to go get a drink at the bar across the street.  There was a big line to get in but we didn’t worry since we already had tickets. So we have are drinks and laugh at the people standing outside in 40 degree temperatures, they finally decide to start letting people in at around 8:20 pm.  So we finish our drinks and head over bumping into a couple friends in line.

The first DJ onstage when we get inside was called DJ Green I think.  Clad in a green glow in the dark mask he ran around the stage and pushed buttons throughout his 1 hour set which sounded like one continuous song.  It wasn’t bad though.

When he was done in the amount of time it took for the first guy to unhook his laptop and the next guys to hook up theirs (about 5 mins.) we go to the next DJ group.  I don’t remember their name just that it began with a K.  Clad in matching white dress shirts and red ties (one guy wore a baseball cap and the other guy a winter hat) their set was better that the firs guys set highlighted buy a mashup of Metallica’s “Disposable Heroes” and Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and “War Pigs” that got the crowd going.  By this time my girlfriend and I had moved down into the crowd and were pointing all the annoyed people who though they were going to a rock show (there weren’t many but there was a few).  The second group did about an hour also and were pretty good.

We get about a 15 min. break and then the lights go out, the crowd erupts (there was about 300 people there I think, I didn’t keep count).  We see him in the darkness setting up his laptop and the flash on about 100 cameras go off.  J-Devil begins his set by saying “Hi, you may know me as Jonathan Davis from Korn but tonight I’m known as J-Devil.”  Dressed in black from head to toe, I think he had black contact lenses too, and drinking Monster Rehab (the official energy drink of JT) he ran through a 90 minute set, but unlike the others, he took breaks in between songs to talk to the crowd.  There was also a lot of him running around the stage and him badly dancing to the music.  By this time I was real close while my girlfriend had moved up to the stage and she actually got to tough him.  And just and fyi I was badly dancing too but when your in a big crowd like that, but does it really matter.  He ended his set and told us that he has an ep coming out real soon.  This was a great show and well worth my money.  I even bought a J-Devil t-shirt at the end.

All in all this was a great show and a great night out.  I highly recommend you go and see J-Devil if he comes to your town.  Am I gonna be all about Dubstep now, probably not but I probably will check out J-Devil’s ep when it comes out.

Well that’s all I have for now thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


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