Well with no snappy intro to this I can just say this, with what is said here, I am not leaving the BWF Radio Podcast but some things need to be said:


– I didn’t record Main Event this week and you know what, it doesn’t bother me.  In fact I haven’t watched any WWE product since before the Money In The Bank ppv where I watched half a Smackdown.  And what does WWE do to try and get me back? Nothing just give more the same and a HHH/McMahon power feud to boot.  Yeah the guy I picked won the Smackdown ladder match and I should be excited but I’m not.  Should I be excited about Bryan possibly beating Cena and becoming WWE Champ? No since the only reason Cena “picked” him is because they are dating both Bella twins (insert Cock Talk here Jorge).  This Monday is the final week of my trivia tournament and I don’t know if I’m gonna keep playing every week.  If I don’t it will free up my monday nights again to maybe possibly start watching RAW again, but then again I think not.  I feel that I’ve finally made my decision to stop watching WWE for awhile.  I’m at roughly a month right now and since I don’t miss it I don’t know how long it will last but like I said I will be on BWF Radio every week because it just too much fun. rant over

– I finally got around to watching The Dark Knight Rises this past week and all I can say is that words cannot explain how awesome it was.  Sham on me for taking so long to see it.  I also just saw Ted recently and it’s hilarious as long as you are a fan of Family Guy.

– In case people are wondering about the “Many Personalities of JT” podcast, all I can say is that it’s in the works.  I’m not 100% completely sure if it will actually happen yet or not but I do see it slowly coming together hence why JT Stallone returned last week.  I still need to figure out where I’m going with it whether it will be mostly wrestling themed or more of a random issue theme.

–  One more thing, got a dollar and a Kindle or the Kindle app? Take a minute and buy this.  It’s quite good!

Well that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you all one BWF Radio Sunday 2pm est!


  1. Glad you won't actually be leaving the BWF crew. I know how you feel about the WWE product right now. I used to watch RAW on Tuesday (I can't watch it live of course) but I'm falling behind and occasionally watching it on Wednesdays now. Thanks to actually being on the crew and having the reviews I barely feel much of a need for it. Every time I miss the show I don't hear about anything groundbreaking. There is some occasional gold on the show, like Punk and Heyman, and even John Cena this past week, but the gold is not worth the shit it's put with. I can usually tolerate something terrible when there are good things that go along with it but the terrible is just being that damn terrible.

  2. This is why I don't understand why you just don't record it, and FFW through all the bullshit that comes with it. It's not that much effort to hit a FFW button, as opposed to feeling the need to watch every single second. Doing the SD reviews kind of requires me to partake in the show as a whole, but it's impossible NOT to zone out during much of it. Or just start reviewing NXT (or watching it exclusively as it's the vastly superior product of the WWE). I've been hearing that Matt Hardy is on fire in ROH lately, I might even restart watching that if I can get past the horrible production quality.

    • I think I can make it through the first half hour or so of RAW before I have to start skipping it but generally the only thing I FFW through on Smackdown is RAW recaps and Alberto Del Rio matches. I'd say Sheamus matches too but he's out now. The show is much easier to get through if you FFW through the crap.

  3. I have been doing that for months now, but I'm just at a point where I don't want to watch WWE anymore. I have had my time and need a break. Who is this Matt Hardy in ROH you speak of since he hasn't been on ROH tv in at least a month.

  4. Damien Sandow’s outrage face when Miz bsuetd out the gay jokes was fucking glorious. So much so, I just created my uproxx account in order to tell you, then used a new piece of software on my computer to capture it off of a youtube clip and upload it as my avatar. Also, a couple of other things: 1. Rhodestache 2. Can they please stop saying TEAM Rhodes Scholars, and just call the THE Rhodes Scholars. It’s infuriating. 3. THE Rhodes Scholars are already my favorite tag team since Edge and Christian. If all is right with the world they will be defending their tag titles in a blow-off match against Hell No (not TEAM Hell No) at Wrestlemania. Please HHH, keep this tag division renaissance going.

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