Welcome once again to the latest edition of JT’s Random Randomness.  This week is kinda special (I think) because it’s an all wrestling edition.  So withoug further ado here we go:

1.  So CM Punk is the first to qualify for the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania 25.  Even though he won’t win it, it’s glad that he’s on the card for Wrestlemania.

2.  Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is the next member of the 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame.  To put it in one word: AWESOME!!!  This year’s class is looking pretty stacked, if not the most.

3.  HBK beats JBL again, shocker.

4.  I wish Santino Marella would start winning some matched and not job every time he wrestles.

5.  I like asshole Jericho.

6.  DJ Gabriel finally lost this week.  Hopefully this is the end of his push and will lead to something different.  I mean come on, when you get offense on a monster heel like Mark Henry and the crowd is dead silent, you know you’re in trouble.  Hell the crowd even popped when Henry hit his finisher.

7.  TOMMY DREAMER WINS!!!! TOMMY DREAMER WINS!!!!!!!! With help from the Boogeyman.

8.  Katie Lea Burchill is hot, that is all.

9.  Tyson Kidd is looking good, but I’m still not buying him yet.

10.  I can’t wait for the return of Evan Bourne.

11.  Christian vs. Jack Swagger was a great match.  Swagger has definitely improved since he first started and this match showed it.  Now where does he go from here.

12.  Impact was just background noise for me this week.  I was too busy contributing to the record breaking 600+ post Impact thread over at worldwrestlinginsanity.com message board.

13.  So, The Miz and John Morrison didn’t become the Undisputed tag team champions (well not yet).  That’s WWE booking for you.

14 .  Do the Bella twins ever change their clothes?  It looks like they’ve been wearing the same thing for the last 3 weeks now.

15.  Jeff  Hardy will not fight Matt Hardy.  Welcome back 1998. 

16.  Undertaker vs. Koslov was a really good match this week.  Koslov got the bragging right win he needs if he goes on to face Undertaker again at Wrestlemania 25.

17.  Why does Chavo look so weak on RAW, then look strong on Smackdown?  I just don’t get it.

18.  The US title feud should involve two people not four.

19.  The Super Cena vs. Big Show match wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t all that into it.  At least until the WTF run-in by Edge.  That was just weird.

20.  So I found out earlier this week that this years WWE draft will be held the night after Wrestlemania.  I say what’s the point of the draft anyway.  Anybody who gets drafted shows up on one of the other two programs as part of a “talent exchange” kinda nullifying any exlusiveness a wrestler has to any program.   Just drop the draft and have the “talent exchange!”

Ok so that’s what I’v got this week.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. Just a quick correction, before I head off to sleep – and I'll post a more broad comment later on. The draft is the week after 'Mania, not the next night.

  2. Just a quick correction, before I head off to sleep – and I'll post a more broad comment later on. The draft is the week after 'Mania, not the next night.

  3. 1. I heart Punk, but there's some truth to the idea that previous winners shouldn't be allowed in the MITB match again. I'm just glad he's on the Mania card, but do we really want the same guys in it every time?

    2. Yaaaay, Steamboat!

    4. Agreed. He can still be a comedy jobber, but losing EVERY match is dumb. Why would he still be employed?

    5. Hells yeah!

    20. I loved the original idea of the draft, but they come up with so many ways to nullify the results that I must agree with you that it is completely pointless. I'd rather have a properly done draft than a talent exchange.

  4. 1. and to an extent, 18. I'd love to see Shelton Benjamin win Money in the Bank. The problem is, he seems to be heading towards a triple threat with Chavo Guerrero and MVP over the US Championship. Who else besides Punk is at the point in their career where they should be guaranteed a title shot – who is not already tied up in something else for 'Mania?

    4. To counterpoint Drow, Barry Horrowitz didn't win a match for many many years in WWE, yet he kept his job – Santino's a two time Intercontinental Champion.

    5. I agree.

    6. Send him packing. He sucks.

    10. Me neither. Going back to point 1, Bourne is the only other guy I could see actually WINNING Money in the Bank this year besides Punk.

    13. See my SmackDown review – I'm completely expecting what I said in there to happen over the next five weeks leading into WrestleMania.

    18. Who's the fourth? It's MVP, Guerrero, and Benjamin from what I can tell.

    20. I'd rather them just get rid of the whole damned thing. I'd at least do RAW and SmackDown with a shared roster and have the storylines play out between the two shows. I'd make ECW have it's own brand identity, with a different set and it's logo in place of any WWE logos. It wouldn't have to be anything like the original ECW – in fact, it could stay exactly what it is – a glorified, televised developmental territory. They could take the new WWE Superstars program, brand it something else (AWA, WCW, WCCW, what does it matter? They own them all!), and do the exact same thing. This way you have the same number of spots open, but have your two money making shows full of nothing but the best talent. If guys like The Miz and John Morrison are going to be on all the shows anyway, why not just get rid of the damned brand extension anyway?

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