Let’s get this show on the road because it’s been a long weekend and I’m tired.  So let’s go:

1.  Bill Watts is the next member of the 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame.  Another worthy inductee.

2.  Kane is the second guy to qualify for the Money In The Ladder match at Wrestlemania 25.  I’m alright with it.  Well at least we know he won’t be in the shortest match on the card this year.

3.  HBK beats Koslov, shocker.  My thoughts F*** HBK.

4.  I don’t know if I said this before but Kelly Kelly sucks.  She isn’t even hot.

5.  I like asshole Jericho.  It was awesome to see his beat down of Superfly Jimmy Snuka.

6. Speaking of Jericho his band Fozzy will be releasing their new CD “Chasing The Grail” in June!  Sweet!  To find out more check out their myspace:


7.  So Big Show vs. Edge at Wrestlemaina?  Yeah right!  You know Cena’s getting in there somehow.

8.  The Boogeyman was released this week.  🙁  I actually liked him.  Yet DJ Gabriel still has a job.

9.  Katie Lea Burchill is hot, that is all.  Why didn’t I get to see her this week?

10.  What was the point of Kane being on ECW this week?  Other than to send the Boogeyman packing.

11.  I can’t wait for the return of Evan Bourne.

12.  Santino Marella should be in the Money In the Bank match, not Mark Henry.  I don’t hate Henry, but it would be more entertaining to have Santino in the match.  Plus can anyone actually see Henry trying to climb the ladder.

13.  I really enjoyed the 6 man tag match main event on ECW this week.  

14.  Impact was just background noise again.  Well except when Velvet Sky was on.  She is hot that is all.

15.  To HBK: “Sometimes it is Hell trying to get to Heaven!”  Undertaker Rules!

16.  Why is Matt Hardy so much better as a heel than a babyface?

17.  Matt Hardy vs. MVP =  pure awesomeness!

18.  MVP made into the money in the bank match.  Awesome, he was my pick to win last years money in the bank.  Well maybe the second time is a charm.

19.  The Miz and John Morrison are awesome, nuff said.

20.  The seed has been planted for Hardy vs. Hardy at Wrestlemania.  🙂

21.  Shelton Benjamin is the 5th man to qualify for the money in the bank.  I said it earlier and will again, he is my pick this year to win it!  You heard it here first.

22.  What Cena said to Vickie:  “Give me a title shot or I’m telling!”  It was either that or some bad poop joke because of the look on her face afterwards.

23.   The Legacy beat down of HHH at the end of Smackdown went way too long and bored me to death.  Hopefully it was because Youmanga got injured for real and need to fill the time. (not that I wish he be injured and if he is come back soon.)  But then again Cody (Zzz) Rhodes was on my screen during it and even he puts me to sleep typing his name. 

Ok that’s all I got for now, thanks again for reading.  See you next time.  Just to give you all a heads up, there might not be a Random Randomness next week due to the St. Patrick’s Holiday.  If there is it will be a short one withno Sackdown content.


  1. 1. Indeed.

    3. The fact remains that HBK is the best guy for everything. We're talking about a guy who has had numerous watchable matches with JOHN FREAKING CENA over the last few years, and has several memorable WrestleMania Moments, including the moment that will forever define last year's event. Personally, I think I want to see HBK/Taker more than any other match on the card.

    4. agreed.

    5. I just got "Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story" (yes, I'm behind on DVDs, but not nearly as behind as I am on books), so it was AWESOME to see them come back to that for Jericho's legends tour thing.

    8. If a guy with the work ethic and credibility of Glenn Jacobs was in that role, it probably would've had some longevity. Marty Wright played the role to perfection, but was injury prone and in the end, just too much of an underperformer in the ring to hold on to his job.

    11 & 13. Like I said, ECW will instantly go back to being the best wrestling show on television when Bourne comes back. They've got some solid talent on the show and Bourne is going to be this year's breakout star.

    14. I slept through iMPACT. Sorry about that.

    16 + 20. So far, this storyline – including SmackDown coming up – has been booked to perfection. Despite not being a great speaker, Matt has been awesome in this role. I'd say that right now, Matt Hardy is the best he's ever been. All credit where it's due, Jeff is not exactly stinking the joint up with his performance either.

    19. did you see "The Dirt Sheet" this week? COFFEE!!! sheer brilliance!

    21. Out of the guys we know that are in the match, MVP would be my pick. I'd love to see Benjamin win and silence all the critics though.

    Thanks, JT!

  2. 2. I'm ok with it too. Honestly, poor Kane deserves a break.

    3. Joe may be right, but as good as HBK is and has been, there is such thing as overload. I just don't care much about the WWE product, and I'm not excited over HBK. HBK/Taker at Mania would certainly be worth seeing, but HBK's in-ring career doesn't need to go another decade.

    4. Yes. Thank you.

    5. YES!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

    6. Sweet! I likes me some Fozzy.

    9. Why in the blue hell does Katie Lea not get the push that some of these interchangeable, useless, pole-dancing skanks get?

    12. Most definitely.

    14. Joe is a soulless Philistine. At least you were awake. 😛

    16. Matt just has that malicious vibe about him that Jeff doesn't. Even in the glory days of Team Extreme, I thought that Matt would make a great heel. He's finally embracing his inner bastard, and it's a thing of beauty.

    Don't use St. Patrick's Day as an excuse! If I can function, so can you!

  3. 3. Drowgoddess thank you. That's the point I was trying to make, but just couldn't put into words.

    14. lol

    I won't be functional after Saturday, sorry. lol

  4. I like how you guys take "maybe" as I'm not doing it. I usually wriet half the article during the week, so there'll probably be something this week, but if I don't have anything up Sat morning, the there won't be one.

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