Welcome everybody to a shorter than usual Random Randomness mostly because I haven’t seen Smackdown yet and probably won’t until Monday. Well without further ado, here we go:

1.  RIP Andrew “Test” Martin.   

2. So Koko B Ware is the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. WTF???? You know I was a fan of his back in the day but I really don’t think he has a Hall Of Fame worthy career.

3. The Undertaker is awesome. He proved it Monday night!

4. JBL is the NEW IC Champion, I’ve got no problem with that. He well deserving a singles title, so congrats.

5. Kelly Kelly sucks. That is all.

6. Jericho challenged Ric Flair to a match next week. Like that’s really gonna happen.

7. Hey Triple H and Orton, 1996 called and wants their storyline back.

8. Primo vs. The Miz – WOW what a match.

9. Tyson Kidd is looking better and better each and every week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on RAW or Smackdown sometime soon.

10. Where was Jack Swagger this week on ECW?

11. Evan Bourne returns next week. Next Tuesday can’t get here soon enough.

12. Christian is the 7th man to qualify for the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania. No real big surprises here, he should participate at Wrestlemania in some form. Now that he’s in it I might just make it my sleeper pick to win.

13.   Velvet Sky is hot, that is all.

14.  Impact’s main event this week, F*** Eric Young vs. A Main Event Mafia Security Guard.  Yeah that will put asses in the seats.  Not that F*** Eric Young isn’t deserving of a main event spot, but at least put him up against somebody on the roster.

15.  Other than that Impact was the usual garbage that it is every week.  I feel bad for Drowgoddess for having to actually pay attention to it. 

Alright that’s all Ive got for this week, thanks for reading and see you all next time.

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