Welcome, everyone to another edition of Random Randomness.  Well since I have a lot to do today, lets get going:

1.  The new Heaven & Hell CD “The Devil You Know” is quite good, you should check it out.

2.  I saw Wolverine this week and that it was a very good movie, well worth seeing in theaters.

3. I didn’t see Backlash last Sunday, but I do know what happened.  I was surprised to see that all three titles changed hands.  Edge was pretty much a given since Smackdown has no champion, so no surprise there.  Christian winning the ECW title was a little surprising, but would’ve happened sooner or later.  Orton winning the WWE title, was a complete surprise to me, I really didn’t think it was gonna happen, let alone he pinning Triple H in the match to win it.  Congrats to all the new champions.

4.  Kofi Kingston vs. The Brian Kendrick was a good match, I hope that WWE ends Kendrick’s losing streak soon.  I’m sick of seeing him lose.

5.  Goldust is still employed by WWE.  Good for you.

6.  MVP debuts on RAW against WWE Champion Randy Orton, and puts on a great performance, but of course doesn’t win thanks to  McMahon interference.  Thanks Shane.  🙁

7.  The Miz- 1, John Cena- 0.  LEST GO MIZ!

8.  Hey look, Tag Team Jobbers Extraordinaire- Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble.

9.  Batista vs. The Big Show- zzzzz (not really I already spoke about it here http://boredwrestlingfan.com/2009/04/27/raw-bullet-points-42709/#respond)

10.  The ECW title on Christian looks huge. Almost like my Undisputed Title looks when I (or try to) wear it.

11.  Tyson Kidd jobs to Hornswoggle last week, then this week beats Finlay.  I just don’t get it.

12.  Tyson Kidd is looking better & better every week.  He’ll be involved in the title picture very soon.

13.  Koslov says it’s only a matter of time before he gets releasedachieves global domination.  And he was in a Russian military outfit.

14.  Gregory Helms is now an interviewer.  WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

15.  A great ECW title match was ruined once again by a run-in.  Thanks again WWE.  Methinks there will be a triple threat match at the next ppv for the ECW title between Christian, Jack Swagger, and Tommy Dreamer.

16.  Why is it that every time I see Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press, it amazes me.

17.  Not to take away form the greatness that was Bourne vs. Burchill 2.  I really like this feud, even though it’s now probably over.

18.  Dibiase vs. Carilito- two words “that’s cool!” Sorry I just had to say it.  I just wish that Cody Rhodes wasn’t Dibiase’s partner so I could really get into this tag team title feud. 

19.  The impossible happened.  Kevin Nash wrestled two matches two weeks in a row and didn’t get injured.  I’m starting to believe this “world’s gonna end on 12/21/12” prediction.

20.  Who the hell is Amazing Red?  

21.  Why is TNA putting over Tag Team’s such as the MCMG & LAX?  I know you’re having a tournament and in tournament’s you have upsets, but come on TNA, you can so do better than this.

22.  Unfortunately, I forgot to set my DVR and missed Smackdown this week, sorry.  I did check RDLee’s awesome review and it looks like it was a really good show, sucks that I missed it.  If you want to check it out here’s the link: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/Smackdown/5109.shtml

23.  Here’s a question, which show gets a higher rating:  Superstars, iMPACT, or ECW? 

24.  Finally, I just want to let everyone know that I am now on twitter like all of the cool kids.  Follow me  at  twitter.com/randomredhead.

Well that’s all for this week, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time.


  1. If you told me I would say this the last time RAW was in Buffalo (December 17, 2007, to be exact), I would have laughed right in your face, but I have a newfound appreciation for Cody Rhodes. When I was on my way to pick up my keys to my new place, Priceless were on the local rock-radio station and were actually both entertaining.

    Random bit of trivia, when the bell rang following the Rhodes and Holly vs. Cade and Murdoch match on the last episode of RAW aired from Buffalo, the camera cut straight to my cousin Steve standing up and clapping. My Uncle Mike on the other hand, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but to answer number 23 I do believe the answer is actually iMPACT! I'll look into it and get you a more accurate answer when I have a bit more time. As for now, I'm heading down to Niagara Falls to see if any WWE guys are roaming around taking in the scenery down there. Then tomorrow, BWF and WWI will cross paths as Mike Rickard and I will be in the same place at the same time. WorldWrestlingInsanity.com fun fact – Mike Rickard's cell phone number is in my cell phone's contact list as "Mikey Birdman Attorney At Law."

  2. 20. One of the "founding fathers" of the X-Division. If you watch the very first "Best of the X-Division Matches" dvd, he's in a lot of those matches. He held both the X-Division title and the tag team titles.

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