Happy Mother’s to all the mother’s out there!  Welcome again to another edition of JT’s Random Randomness.  Well without further ado, lets go:

1.  For the most part, I thought RAW was pretty horrible this week.  Yeah, I know Joe was there but the show as a whole while viewing it at home wan not too good.

2.  Having said that, Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy was good.

3.  The Santino swine flu jokes about Vicki were hilarious.  Whys is it that when Santino & Santina do skits apart it’s funny, but when you put them together you can hear the crickets?

4.  The Miz-2, John Cena-0, I think.

5.  The Big Show taught Cena how to do a STF.  And almost snapped Cena in 2 during it.

6.  ECW, already talked about it.

7.  Kelly Kelly sucks so bad that I won’t even watch her when she tags with Santina.

8.  I don’t like the “WOO WOO WOO” Zack Ryder, though I do think he’s good in the ring and showed it against Finlay.

9.  John Morrison’s never been on Smackdown before last week???  Then who was The Miz’s tag team partner all those months.

10.  Charlie Haas went back to normal this week on Smackdown.  Lets hope it for just this week.  Yes Haas has a televised match this week.  A good one too against John Morrison.

11.  When did Morrison become babyface?

12.  CM Punk/Youmanga feud, really???  At least it’s different.

13.  Dolph who???  Come on, like I’m really supposed to take you seriously.

14.  Jericho vs. Hardy- Pure awesomeness. 

15.  Smackdown is definitely gotten better since the Draft.  With guys like Punk, Jericho and Mike Knox and Youmanga, I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

16.  One final thing,  Kevin Nash wrestled yet another match in which he didn’t get injured, that’s three in a row.  Now lets see if you can make it to the next ppv.

Alright, that’s all folks.  Thanks for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 2. Yes, but too short. I'd like to see those two really go. Granted, Hardy's "milking the injury" bit right now prevents that, but perhaps later.

    4. Most definitely, and I'm loving every second of it.

    5. Yeah. 🙂

    11. I think after the Miz punked him out when they got split up in the Draft, we were supposed to assume that it was automatic.

    12. Hey, it keeps Punk occupied without requiring him to cash in his MITB shot.

    14. *Funaki voice* INDEED!

    15. Most definitely! I don't pay much mind to RAW at all. Smackdown is where it's at!

    16. Forget the Mayan calendar, isn't that a sign of the end of the world?

  2. You get rid of Triple H from your brand, add Jericho, and it's instantly the best show in the company. Now with Triple H out, if only we could get rid of Cena and Batista – then RAW will be fun to watch again. That said, I'll probably still go when RAW comes back to Buffalo in October.

  3. Come on Joe, ya gotta keep Cena. He aint that bad. But Bitchtista and Triple Bitch can disappear for me!

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