Well after a long week if doing what it is I do during the week, I like nothing more than to tell you all my views on things.  I wont keep you waiting any longer so here we go:

1.  I went out and saw the Star Trek remake this week and will go on record as saying that I enjoyed it.  The movie was done well and is well worth it so go see it. (and that from someone who isn’t a Star Trek fan.) 

2.  Get these CD’s now, you wont be disappointed:

  1. Unholy- New Life Behind Closed Eyes
  2. Walls Of Jericho- The American Dream
  3. Earth Crisis- To The Death
  4. Green Day- 21st Century Breakdown

3.  The Miz 3, John Cena 0!  Awesome.

4.  It’s good to finally see tag teams going over in handicap marches, even if Cody (zzz) Rhodes is in the tag team.

5.  Who is The Brian Kendrick’s partner gonna be?  I have no clue, but I hope this isn’t gonna be a letdown.

6.  Santina Marella was awesome again this week.

7.  The US title scene is looking really good with William Regal, Matt Hardy, Kofi Kingston & MVP.  Lets hope that WWE writers  and/or injuries don’t mess this up.

8.  Batista vs. Orton, ugh.  It’s as painful to write about this matchup as it was watching it. 

9.  D.H. Smith returns and joins Tyson Kidd &   Natalya.  Does this mean we’ll finally get the Hart Foundation 2.0?  Which would be awesome.

10.  I have to say this right now, I don’t like babyface John Morrison.  As a heel he was great, as a baby face not so good.  Though I do think that his feud with Shelton Benjamin will be good.

 11.  Christian beats Mark Henry clean, without weapons or outside interference.  Now who said that Chrisitan was being punished for going to TNA? 

12.  Hornswoggle vs.  Big Show, the main event on Superstars.  Really?  And Goldust saves Hornswoggle, and even bigger WTF?????

13.  Charlie Haas on TV two weeks in a row?  Here comes the big push!  Well at least if they keep him in tag team action with Shelton Benjamin.

14.  Ricky Ortiz still sucks, even on Smackdown.

15.  The Dolph Ziggler push has now begun, but why did he draw Khali as his first feud?  It doesn’t make sense.  Khali should be feuding with the larger guys or going after the World title, not this.

16.  R-Truth vs. Mike Knox, no complaints there.

17.  And Edge babyface turn????  Maybe, I’ve got no problem with it.

18.  Edge vs. Jericho was a great match, I wish it had more time.

19.  The end of Smackdown was awesome.  The best ending to a WWE program in a LONG time.  It kept me wanting more and actually made me (f0r a second) want to buy Judgement Day. 

20.  Speaking of Judgement Day,  It is confirmed that the end is near, since this week on iMPACT, not only did Kevin Nash not get injured, but we had an entire program without Kurt Angle. 

Alright that’s all I’ve got this week, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 3. Totally REEKING of awesomeness!

    4. Agreed.

    5. Me too. It could be really great or really disappointing. Considering the track record here, I'm trying not to hope for too much, but I still want greatness.

    7. Yes.

    8. Yes.

    9. Sweet mother of god, I hope so!!!

    10. To be fair, his babyface run just started. The hotter a heel was (and Morrison was certainly hot) , the more over as a babyface he can be. Give him time to find his groove, and he may surprise you. I personally think that he needs to be the edgy, smart-ass flavor of babyface, but we shall see.

    13. I like them as a team much better than I like either one as a singles competitor.

    17. I'm definitely curious. Edge has been a great babyface, and can be again. After as lengthy of a heel run as he's had, maybe this is a good idea.

    18. Seconded.

    20. Do you hear hoof beats? I'm pretty sure the original Four Horsemen are en route.

  2. 10. Well it did take me awhile to like him as a heel. But he just seemed so bland on Superstars. Almost like he was holding something back.

    20. Indeed I do.

  3. 20. (from VinceRussoWatchesHisBeardGrow.com) "I hit up the local WalMart today to pick up an air mattress, since falling asleep on the floor during iMPACT! this past Thursday left me with a bruised hip and a sore enough back that I couldn’t even close my car door without cringing. What the hell is wrong with this world when Kevin Nash can work matches without hurting himself every week and I can’t even watch TNA’s show without being in pain the next day?"

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