Welcome everybody to you weekly dose of nonsensemy thought and views of things in the world of wrestling.  Here we go:

1.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Owen Hart’s death.  Wow, where does the time go.  I’m not sure why but I was either working or doing something with my family and didn’t end up watching the ppv so I didn’t know that it happened until the next day when my girlfriend called me and told me.  Definitely a sad moment in time and Joe puts it best in his article so I’m not gonna repeat it.  RIP Owen Hart.  🙁

2.  I think it’s a load of BS that the WWE has to relocate RAW this week from Denver to Los Angeles.  Whoever does booking for whatever place  the Denver Nuggets play should be fired.   I applaud WWE for standing up and trying to fight it.

3.  But then again WWE is being stupid for now making this a storyline.  Vince is gonna call out a the owner of the Denver Nuggets, who he knows isn’t gonna be there.   When I saw the as for it whit Vince with a halo over his head and the Denver Nuggets owner with devil horns on his, I just shook my head.  That’s classless WWE. 

4.  I think that RAW recently has been very Impact like lately.  Anyone else? 

5.  Hey Santino Marella finally won a match, and it wasn’t a fluke win either!  Go Santino!

6.  The Miz- 5, John Cena- 0  I don’t care what Lawler says.

7.  Vickie Guerrero  is now Miss Wrestlemania.  Rolls eyes.

8.  Zack Ryder sucks, that is all.

9.  Paul Burchill deserves a better push than he’s getting.  Come on, he can’t beat a 1 legged Christian.  Not good.

10.  D. H. Smith looking very impressive in his big win over Finlay.  ECW title in his future maybe?

11.  Why does another ECW title match with Tommy Dreamer have to end with no contest?  I have the feeling that he’s gonna be retiring at the end of his contract.

12.  We get treated to the awesomeness that is CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho twice this week on free TV, yet you have to pay to see Punk vs. Youmanga!  Great job booking WWE.

13.  Speaking of Punk vs. Youmanga, I like the strap match idea. 

14.  Youmanga SPEAKS!!!!!!!!!

15.  Ricky Ortiz is a heel now.  I’m sorry but when I got the memo and saw his name on it, I tore it up (without reading) and threw it away.

16.  Rey Mysterio, I’m not a fan.

17.  Dolph Ziggler looking very impressive in his win over R-Truth, but will still be buried by the lame ass Great Khali feud.

18.  The Edge vs. Jeff Hardy ladder match  is gonna be awesome.

19.  Question, who thinks that Kevin Nash will be injured by ppv time tonight?

20.  Mick Foley wrestling a cardboard cutout, BRILLIANT!!!!!!! 

Well that’s all for now, thanks again for reading and see you all next time!

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  1. 9. Agreed. I like Burchill, and always have. I'm not sure why, but they guy is better than he's been allowed to show, I think. A one-legged Christian? Perhaps a crippled Jew, or a pagan with leprosy. 🙂

    12. Punk/Jericho could be the greatest thing in the history of things. I'm salivating at the very prospect of the awesomeness.

    19. *Raises hand*

    20. Agreed! I wasn't sure at first, but as was covered in the review, it was a great idea.

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