As I sit here and wonder the ways of the world, I ask myself: 1. Is this headache ever gonna go away? and 2.  Wait I have an article to write:

1.  Happy Birthday to who turns one on Tuesday!

2.  So it’s the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Orlando Magic for the NBA title.  I don’t really care unless Orlando wins it.  I haven’t really cared about the NBA since Michael Jordan retired the second time.

3.  With the exception of Kofi Kingston vs. MVP match, RAW was crap and I will refuse to talk about it until it gets better.  Of the 5 programs I watch every week, I would rank it 6th.

4.  Speaking of Kofi vs MVP, Kofi Kingston is the new US Champion, awesome, but either Kofior MVP with the belt is a good thing.

5.  So it looks like a split between Tony Atlas and Mark Henry, the world is still turning.

6.  I don’t like Zack Ryder but he has a cool finisher.

7.  I think there has to be an ECW title change.  WWE it teasing a heel Tommy Dreamer and should go with it and give him the title.  Lets face it the Christian/Jack Swagger feud is dead.  I can see good things from a Christian/ Tommy Dreamer feud.

8.  The Brian Kendrick to Hornswoggle- “Stop hitting yourself.”  Pure Awesomeness!  I sure hope that “The Partner” is a ringer and will surprise us all when they win the tag team titles. (or so I can hope)

9.  John Morrison vs Shelton Benjamin- Awesome! (I think I’ve said this before about these two.)

10.  Ditto with Jericho vs R-Truth!

11.  Holy S___! CM Punk hit the GTS on Umaga.  I had to watch it a few times because I still can’t believe it happened.

12.  I don’t get why WWE wastes a segment of their time on RAW and Smackdown to run down the next ppv card when they spent the whole show promoting it.  It’s pointless.

13.  Whatever happened to The Great Khali finisher where he squashed his opponent’s head like a grape?  I miss that.

14.  Shane Douglas has put TNA “On Notice!”  How long before they are “Dead To Me!”

15.  I think Beer Money aren’t gonna be babyfaces after the next ppv.  Plus I think they’ll get their belts back too.

16.  So Kevin Nash wrestles Samoa Joe and doesn’t get injured, however Samoa Joe does.  (yes I know it wasn’t in this match but just play along)  Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?

And on that note, I’m done for this week.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next time!

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  1. 1. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll bring cake!

    4. Go, Kofi! MVP may be "the guy" as far as getting to the next level, but I really, really like Kofi, and it's great to see him with this title.

    7. Yes! I want a heel Tommy Dreamer to have the belt, even if it's for a short time.

    9. As far as in-ring work goes, almost no one (and that includes the Legends) could be better. Watching them almost makes you forget that it's WWE.

    11. Indeed! I think, though, that succeeding in doing so means that Punker gets destroyed at the ppv.

    14. Shane Douglas is already dead to me.

    15. I so hope you're right, on both counts. Heel Beer Money screwing over Team 3D to win the titles and essentially beating them at their own game would be AMAZING!!!

    16. Yes, Alanis, but the kind of irony that makes my soul sad.

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