Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and welcome everybody to another edition of your favorite JT article!   Lets go:

1.  As soon as your done reading this article go to the movies and see “The Hangover” (as along as the theatre in your area is open). It’s hilarious and a must see for any and everyone.  Just don’t bring the kiddies, it kinda isn’t for them.

2.  Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the NHL Stanley Cup.  First the Steelers in the NFL, now the Penguins in the NHL, no Pittsburgh NBA team, so the pressure’s on Pirates, you don’t want to let your city down do you. 

3.  RIP Mitsuharu Misawa. 

4.  Umaga was released this week.  I’m not really surprised, with his come back, disappear comeback push he’s been getting the last year or so, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

5.  Holy titles changes Batman!  All of the singles titles change hands in a 7 day period, some twice!

6.  Tommy Dreamer wins the ECW title. YES!  I really didn’t think they were gonna do it but WWE did.  

7. Chris Jericho is the 9-time IC champ, also a good thing.

8.  When I saw the Jeff Hardy won the World title, I was like cool he signed a new contract, then I saw that CM Punk cashed in his money in the bank and won the World title, I jumped for joy!  Now I’m hoping Punk has the titl until August when I go to the Smackdown/ECW house show. 

9.  Batista wins the WWE title, the world still turns.  But wait theres more, “Mr Kevin Nash of the WWE” was injured prior to the matchup and is now out of action.  You know what I notices this at the previous RAW when Orton was pounding on Flair, Batista made an attempt to climb the cage and couldn’t.  So maybe he was injures there.

10.  HHHe’s back! 

11.  I never look forward to 3 hour RAW’s  even if they’re advertising all three brand titles will be on the line.  WWE, we have enough programming every week , we don’t need more.

12.  Santino Marella, Goldust, and Festus- GREATEST TEAM EVER!

13.  Vickie Guerrero is gone!  Happy days are here again.

14.  A heel Christian?  I thought it was going to be a heel Dreamer?  But then again with the lack of babyfaces on ECW, I wouldn’t be surprised if neither on turns heel.

15.  I messed up and forgot to DVR Superstars until 10 minutes after the replay started.  Then when I watched I realised that I only missed the Diva match, so I didn’t miss anything.

16.  I’ll have to say that Zack Ryder look really good against Evan Bourne this week.  Maybe he’s not so bad after all.  Woo Woo Woo really sucks ass though.

17.  Jericho vs. Morrison was awesome.  This should be a ppv match and we got on on cable TV (well those of us with WGN) wow is wwe stupid.

18.  A heel CM Punk is coming!

19.  Holy Crap, I totally missed the Dolph Ziggler/Great Khali match.  That’s what I get for not paying attention while fast forwarding my DVR.

20.  CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho part 3- Awesomeness

21.  As with Edge vs. Jeff Hardy, but wait I thought there feud was supposed to end at Extreme Rules?

22.  Shocker, Kurt Angle is in the King Of The Mountain match.

23.  Samoa killed not one but two Main Even Mafia members this week, could TNA finally be starting to put the younger guys over?

Well I think that’s enough for this week. Thank you all for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 7. It's good in that it may be elevating the title back to where it should have been all along. A multi-time World Champ having it for a 9th time could also bee seen as a step back for the aforesaid champ, though. I'm not complaining, I want to see where it goes.

    8. Greatest. Thing. This. Week. I don't care which direction this goes, it will be nine shades of awesome.

    11. Me neither. Commercial-free or not, they don't hold my interest for three hours. Hell, most people these days complain if a movie lasts for three hours.

  2. 13. I shall miss Vickie, for she was better in her role than I had ever thought that she would be. She was the person fans most loved to hate, and was definitely more over as a heel than the majority of the roster. What WWE did to her was beyond appalling.

    14. Imagine a heel Dreamer who despises the rest of the ECW roster for being weak and wussy and not up to the standards of the original ECW. Now imagine Jack Swagger playing the same part that Tommy played with Sandman, and Swagger making a face turn for continuing to take brutal punishment from Tommy and asking for more, eventually winning the respect of everyone. I can't remember who brought that up, so if it was you, I apologize.

    18. And not soon enough! I do agree with what he said in at least one interview, though. The WWE is not ready for a heel CM Punk. Don't even TRY to script him.

    What's up with the post length?

  3. you know, as much as I wish I had WGN and could watch Superstars, part of me is glad that I still have that extra hour of non-wrestling time on Thursdays. Especially when WWE does the three hour thing. Really, I think the only reason they do them is because the network wants them to, it seems like even the creative staff has trouble coming up with gimmicks for 3 hour RAWs sometimes.

    And for the record, I have no idea what's up with the posting limit. I'll look into it but I doubt I can change it since the comments are handled by intenseDebate.

  4. UPDATE: I couldn't do anything about the post length, but if I did it right you should be able to sign in to comment with your Facebook credentials. How cool is that?

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