Wow, what a week. and what a way to end it:

1.  R.I.P. Michael Jackson-  You are an ICON and will be missed.  No matter how questionable you actions were in your later years, you touched millions thru your music.  Your influence in the music world will never be matched. It was a total shock for me to find out that he passed. I still can’t believe that he’s gone.  

2.  R.I.P. Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett also.

3.  The commercial-free (which wasn’t so commercial imo) RAW last week wasn’t really that spectacular.  But like Joe said (see I do read the reviews) it did seem to go by very quickly.

4.  The Donald Trump owns RAW angle was dropped too soon, it had potential.

5.  The over/under on the Cena vs. Miz match tonight is 2 minutes- place your bets now.

6.  Ben & Jerry’s “Half Baked” ice cream is awesome!

7.  The ECW Championship scramble tonight features the same guys that have been wrestling for the belt since January.  Come on, you couldn’t make one of the 5 guys in it Evan Bourne, or Tyson Kidd.

8.  Zack Ryder actually wrestled on ECW this week, he must have got the days of the week mixed up.

9.  While I love seeing the Evan Bourne Shooting Star Press, I think he sometimes takes it a little too far.  Like on Tuesday when he went half way across the ring to hit it.  It was a little scary.

10.  Holy Crap, Jimmy Wang Yang still works for WWE!  Give him a push, he’s awesome.

11.  I don’t like seeing Vince McMahon on Smackdown threatening Theodore Long.   Long is the best GM that the WWE has ever had.

12.  I actually thought Shelton Benjamin giving R-Truth English speaking lessons was quite entertaining.  I know I’m alone there, but you know what it’s my article and I’m entitled to my opinion.

13.  I watched the “Word Up”  and thought WTF is this.  Wow it was horrible.  And now Jessie is going from redneck to rapper. (JT shakes head)

14.  John Morrison vs. CM Punk- almost 2 years to the day that they first faced each other at “Vengeance- Night Of Champions” for the ECW title!  Isn’t it ironic?   

15.  Stand Back- The Hurricane has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

16.  Kurt Angle is the new TNA Champion, shocker.  Not really surprised that Samoa Joe helped him either.

17.  Samoa Joe turning heel and joining the Main Event Mafia, I actually think is a good thing.  Why not?  Why wait till everyone is sick of him as babyface.  While WWE  has guys who need it *cough* Batista *cough* Cena *cough* Mysterio *cough* TNA shouldn’t think that they have to follow their pattern of things.

18.  I decided that this week during iMPACT to  listen to Anthrax’s “Among The Living”  CD and rather enjoyed it.

Well that’s all I’ve got this week, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 6. I just discovered the strawberry cheesecake, and it too is amazing. The creme brulee is my Ben & Jerry's flavor of choice most times.

    10. I absolutely loved him as Akio, and I hate that he doesn't get to do much anymore. The guy is really good.

    11. Seconded. I don't like Vince on tv anyway, and am less likely to watch if I know that he's going to be there. I did not let him ruin my "Smackdown," however, and watched anyway!

    12. I loved that! Shelton may finally be on to something. He's definitely got a point. You are not alone in this, sir.

    15. YES!!! Aside from the fact that the character is just plain awesome, Helms has never been anywhere near as over as he was as "The Hurricane." Stick with what works.

    18. The less said about "Impact" this week, the better.

  2. 6. Half Baked is the best stuff ever invented.

    11. I agree with you on Teddy Long, but I don't think Vince's presence brought the show down.

    12. That was probably the best thing Shelton ever said. I'm always the guy who plays the role of Grammar Police, so for Shelton to come out and tell him that was just awesome.

    15. I'm so glad he's back to that gimmick. I love the chaotic way the character made his re-appearance on TV with the disappearance and re-appearance of Gregory Helms.

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