Wow what a week.  Happy whatever you are celebrating in your part of the world and welcome to the best couple of minutes you never get back.  Well lets hope this will be the last week in a while that I have to start of with this:

1.  RIP Billy Mays.  Another icon has left us.  This one kinda hits me a little harder than the Michael Jackson, I think mostly because he was still in the spotlight and at the top of his game.  No one could sell a product like he could and probably never will.

2.  RIP Steve McNair.  Wow, I can’t believe it.  An NFL star who was playing  just two years ago is gone.  Though I was never a fan of  the Titans or the Ravens, I was very aware of how great a Quarterback he was.

3.  Killswitch Engage’s new album- great album or the greatest album?  Check it out and let me know. 

4.  Edge & Chris Jericho are the new Unified Tag Team Champions.  Can it get any better?

5.  John Cena vs. Triple H to see who will be #1 contender for the WWE title.  Do they really want me to not watch RAW?  Because that’s what I’m thinking about doing.

6.  Mark Henry pins Randy Orton? What does this mean????

7.  So, WWE had a 15 superstar trade this week.  I’m not really surprised, this is time of year is usually draft time. Here’s what I think about the trade:


  1. Evan Bourne- good idea, he is definitely ready.
  2. Jack Swagger- don’t think he’s ready yet, should’ve kept him on ECW until next year.
  3. Mark Henry- another good idea, he had nowhere else to go in ECW, and the possible face turn just might be worth watching.
  4. Alicia Fox- weren’t you just put on Smackdown from ECW?
  5. Gail Kim- good idea.


  1. Shelton Benjamin- good move, he wasn’t really going anywhere on Smackdown  and it gives Christian & Tommy Dreamer someone new to feud with.
  2. Goldust- good move, ECW lacks babyfaces and a fine addition he will be.
  3. William Regal- another good move, will be ECW champ by Suvivor Series.
  4. Brie  Bella- don’t care
  5. Nikki Bella- see #4

To Smackdown:

  1. The Hart Dynasty-  while this is good for them, I just think they are ready yet, they’re still too new.  But when your the only tag team on ECW, I understand the move.
  2. Matt Hardy- not a good idea, he was just moved to RAW, they should’ve kept him there.
  3. Finlay- good move, he had nowhere else to go on ECW.

 8.  As per the new talent initiative- Yoshi Tatsu & Sheamus have potential while Abraham Washington thanks for trying.

9.  When I first saw Abraham Washington, I at first thought “The Rock is making a surprise appearance”, but was let down.

10.  Santino Marella getting mad is the new “Hulking Up.”

11.  The “Word Up” segments suck. The end.

12.  When Ricky Ortiz wrestles, you can hear a pin drop.  WWE release him already.

13.  Welcome back Kane.

14.  I’m glad to see that WWE is not making Dolph Ziggler look like a joke anymore.  I actually kinda like seeing his matches.

15.  I don’t remember much from iMPACT! this week and then red Drowgoddess’  review and remembered why. It was that bad.

16.  Edge said lat Sunday at the Bash, that “I’ve been on every Pay Par View in the lat 10 years when he hasn’t been injured” then (rumor has it) he gets injured.  Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Alright that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks again for reading and see you all next time!


  1. 4 and 16: If Edge's injury is so bad that he's out until January or March of 2010, instead of looking for Great Khali footage to explain it, I want Jericho to take him out. The underlying tension between Edge and Jericho has already been established, with Jericho essentially dissing the tag belts they won and Edge defending them. Despite Vickie's exit, Edge seems to be slightly less heelish now, and he's been such a gret heel for so long now that he really doesn't have anywhere to go. A face Edge returning to feud with Jericho would be amazing!

    12. Chirp, chirp, chirp.

    15. Glad to know they're good for something!

  2. 1. I wrote a tribute article about Billy Mays on my blog. I sent it to his son on Twitter, and got this response.

    9. That segment was terrible.

    10. I laughed my ass off when I saw that on Thursday. Too bad I had to stream the show to watch it, I probably would've watched that about 30 times if I could rewind it.

    11. As much as I hate Cryme Tyme, Jesse has been hilarious in his new role as Jeezy. Reminds me a bit of Malibu's Most Wanted.

    14. I pretty much said the same. I actually almost wrote a second article yesterday just to talk about Ziggler and Zack Ryder, because I came up with a new word to describe their gimmicks – Stupaddictive. They're dumb gimmicks, but they're surprisingly entertaining.

    16. Yeah, that was the first thing I thought about when I heard he was injured.

    Good stuff, JT. No wonder you're the highest rated columnist on BWF!

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