What’s up everyone?  As I prepare to Cross The Line for the second time this week, I figured I’d stop buy and talk about this week in things.  Well without further ado, here we go:

1.  I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that you should all check out the other article’s here written byDrowgoddess, Legend Killer, Tharvey1, and the boss himself ThinkSoJoE.  They’re articles are equally as good, if not better than mine. 

2.  What is the point of having a 4 man #1 contenders tournament for Night Of Champions, just to have 2 guys win it and wrestle for the WWE title.  And on top of it the usual suspects. No wonder your ratings and buy-rates are down. People are sick of seeing HHH and John Cena in the Main Event.

3.  Why WWE must you break up Primo & Carlito? 

4.  I want more of Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne! 

5.  WWE should hire Ted DiBiase Sr. full time to help guys with their promo skills.  He’s still better than half of the guys they have now.

6.  Christian is the #1 contender for the ECW title yet again.  Come on, this feud needs to end.  If you want to keep him in the title picture WWE, you should either: A) never taken the title off of him, or B) put the belt on Koslov at Night Of Champions, then have him feud with Christian. 

7.  Yoshi Tatsu is defiantly awesome!

8.  Ezekial Jackson is back, oh wait according to WWE he’s a part of the new talent initiative, (basically saying we’ve never seen him before) wait a minute? This guy was with The Brian Kendrick and wrestled On Smackdown just a few months ago.  Well what ever, He kinda reminds me of Ahmed Johnson for some reason.

9.  Stand Back, The Hurricane has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.  Though he was a little less annoying this week, Abraham Washington still sucks, thanks for trying.

11.  Even wrestling R-Truth, you can still hear a pin drop when Ricky Ortiz wrestles.

12.  I agree with tharvey1 on the Zack Ryder vs Tyler Reks matchup being “absolutely boring.”  Enough said.

13.  Chavo had to wrestle Hornswoggle on his knees.  Well at least  got to face some his own height.  I’m not gonna trash this match, because it really wasn’t bad at all.  It was quite good, but not main event material that it was given.  But then again it was the main event of an overall bad edition of Superstars, so I guess now it makes sense.

14.  Damn you ThinkSoJoE’s laptop!  I hate having to click on Aaron Wood’s crappy reviews.  They suck!  Aaron Wood Sucks!  The end.

15.  What happened to Maria?  Way back when she was a diva search contestant, she was the hottest little thing and after seeing her this week on Smackdown, she looks horrible.

16.  Gangsta Jesse is pretty entertaining thus far.

17.  The Dolph Ziggler bandwagon starts here!

18.  CM Punk is better than Jeff Hardy.  Well of course, thats why your world title reigns have been longer than his have.

19.  Mysterio vs. Jericho form this weeks Smackdown- Match of the year candidate.  What a great way to ent a feud.

20.  Shocker, Tara is the new TNA Knockouts champion.  Who is she, I don’t watch TNA you ask?  Why none other than former WWE women’s champion Victoria.  Not saying that it’s really a bad thing but she’s been in the company a month at most, kinda too soon.

21. Other than that iMPACT was just background noise for me this week, but check out Drowgoddess’ Review.  It’s quite good.

22.  I checked out UFC 100 last night.  I don’t really follow UFC so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I thought it was quite good and seeing former WWE champion Brock Lesnar pound on Frank Mir was awesome.

Well I guess that’s all for now, thanks for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 4. YES!!!

    5. This is likely true because no one scripts the Million Dollar Man. Odd how freedom from scripting can equal awesome promo skills.

    9. Huzzah!!!

    20. Too soon, agreed.

    21. Thank you. 🙂

    22. Dan Henderson = greatness

  2. Hurricane was on ECW again? Damn me and my forgetfulness! I forgot the show was on Thursday night, so I watched the movie Moonwalker starring the late Michael Jackson instead.

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