What’s up folks?  How’s everyone doing?  Welcome to another edition of your favorite article by yours truly.  So lets get going:

1.  RIP Walter Cronkite.

2.  How is it that the singer in Def Leppard is fat, yet the guitar players are all still in great shape.  It’s not like you haven’t been on tour in 15 years, you are constantly touring.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out their performance at the “Download ’09” festival. 

3.  Seth Green hosting RAW was what it was.  I don’t really think it made it much better.  Then Green tried to wrestle.  Ugh.

4.  This week’s guess host is ZZ Top.  WWE shows only two guys, I wonder if they know that there is three guys in the band.  They won’t wrestle, I’m pretty sure they’re older than Vince.

5.  How is it that we get 5 matches in 1 Hour on ECW, yet only 7 in 2+ hours on RAW this week?

6.  Last week Ezekiel Jackson was a guy we were supposed to have never heard from on ECW (well according to the announcers), now this week we get told about his history with The Brian Kendrick.   Well at least they got it right this week.

7.  Shelton Benjamin beats Christian clean, wow. 

8.  Good to see Goldust get some in ring action this week.

9.  Yoshi Tatsu & Sheamus still looking good.  Thank goodness for no Abraham Washington show.  He has one more chance and then I start fast forwarding thru his segments.

10.  I’m not too shocked to see Koslov beat Tommy Dreamer, he should be facing (and beating) Dreamer at Night of Champions.

11.  Superstars was kinda crappy yet again this week.  I think WWE is trying to sabotage their programming so we have to say that RAW it the best program no matter how bad it gets.  Well you know what, it ain’t gonna happen.

12.  Homicide is the new TNA X-Division champion.  Thank you!  Now get rid of Suicide.

13.  The Main Event Mafia won’t have all of the titles at the end of tonight’s ppv.   I’m thinking a DQ ending for either the Legends title or the Tag titles.  Now that I’ve heard Kurt Angle getting injured, I wouldn’t be surprised that Foley wins back the world title.  Now having said that, the MEM will probably end up with all of them like Drowgoddess thinks will happen.

14.  CM Punk is better than Jeff Hardy, that’s all you need to know.

15.  John Morrison can beat CM Punk when the title is noton the line, but when the title is CM Punk will prevail.

16.  Why is R-Truth pretending to be Pretty Ricky?  On that note, who the hell is Pretty Ricky?

17.   Natalya pinned Eve.  I’d like to pin Eve too!

18.  Edge’s house looks strangely like the GM’s offices.

19.  Hey RAW, watch Smackdown and you’ll see how a main event is done without HHH or Cena.

20.  And no, I have no idea who Jericho’s new partner will be.  Though I want Edge back now so I can see their feud.

Well, that’s all for this week.  I’ll be back Friday with a Smackdown free article becahse I’m going on vacation.  As always, thanks again for reading.


  1. 1. A truly class act. We need more of him.

    12. Yay! However, I think the Suicide character is still getting too may cheers and selling too many shirts to ditch.

    13. I have never wanted to be wrong more than I do tonight. Angle injured a groin muscle on his movie set (insert your own joke here), and will STILL beat anyone and everyone in the company when he can barely walk. Oh, goody.

    14. YES!!!

    15. Booking perfection. I heart this.

    17. Natalya would be more fun, methinks.

    20. Please, dear wrestling gods, let it be The Miz!

  2. 12. i'd put Daniels, Kaz and Suicide in the ring at the same time. Just to mess with everyone's heads.

    20. Remember the last time Jericho had to choose his own partner, when the titles were involved? He chose Benoit, whom had already wrestled previously. Jericho will choose Randy Orton.

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