Ah, there’s nothing like packing a car in the rain.  While I wait for the rain to stop, I figure let you know my thoughts:

1.  Well, the Main Event Mafia did end up winning all of the titles last Sunday, well except for the X-Division and women’s titles.  I wonder if this will lead to some X-Division/MEM? But it’s TNA so it probably won’t. 

2.  The rumor mill going around is that Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett are seeing each other and that she and Jeff are living together with Kurt’s kids. And that Kurt is pissed.  You know what I don’t really care.  Jeff and Karen are adults and if they want to see each other let it be.  But of course I’ve also heard that TNA is gonna make this a storyline, ugh.

3.  Check out All That Remains new album “Overcome” it’s quite good.

4.  I rather enjoyed the ZZ Top segments on RAW this week.  They were the best part of the show.  The rest of the show, however was a giant heaping pile of @#$T!

5.  Next week’s host for RAW will be Shaquille O’Neal.  When I was a fan of the NBA in my younger years, I used to hate him, but now, I respect what he has done and am kinda a fan even though I don’t really follow the NBA anymore (except for the playoffs).  Unfortunately I won’t be able to see it live, but it will probably be the first thing I watch when I get back from my vacation.

6.  Who the hell is Jeremy Piven?  He’s then next guy to host RAW.

7.  JT’s RAW main event bullet points, the rough cut:

“You know what, I’m not gonna do bullet points because you know that Cena and HHH win the match.”

That’s not because I didn’t want to do them, it’s almost what I sent him.

8.  WWE is doing a great job of building up Yoshi Tatsu by having him beat some established stars and not random jobbers.  I think he’ll be ECW champ by year’s end.

9.  I think a feud between Ezekiel Jackson and Vladmir Koslov will be quite good.

10.  Why is it that Goldust’s makeup kit has more talent than Cody (zzz) Rhodes.

11.  I also think that a Paul Burchill/Goldust feud will also be quite good.

12.  I’m not a big fan of Tyler Reks.  The surfer dude gimmick is stupid.

13.  Strike three, you’re out Abraham Washington.  You officially suck.  Fat and ugly jokes, not funny.  Even Christian couldn’t help you out.  I thin k you need to go back to FCW and get some more practice.

14.  The Beastie Boys Adam Yauch (aka MCA) was diagnosed wit a cancerous tumor in one of his salivatory glands.  Luckily it didn’t spread and he will be ok after treatment.  We here at BWF wish you a speedy recovery. 

15.  After two weeks of crappy Superstars programs, this weeks was quite good.  It featured three good matches which you can read tharvey1’s review right here.

16.  iMPACT! however, was a complete snooze-fest and I’m not gonna talk about it.  Read Drowgoddess’ review of it though.

17.  On August 6 Drowgoddess, ThinkSoJoE, and I will be on our very own forums during iMPACT!  All are welcome to join us.  Don’t watch iMPACT!, well that’s ok you can still join us in the thread, most of us don’t really pay attention anyway.

Ok well the sun has come out finally so I’m off to finish packing for my vacation.  Thanks for reading and I will see you all in 2 weeks when I get back.

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  1. Happy vacation, JT!

    11. Any Paul Burchill feud would make me happy. The guy is hopelessly underutilized. You may mock me for digging the pirate gimmick, but put Katie Lea in a pirate outfit and laugh then! Come on!

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