Well here we go again with another edition of your favorite JT article.  I can actually say that I watched everything this week, (doesn’t mean longer article just that I watched everything) and here’s what I think:

1.  F**K Michael Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles this week.  Granted he probably won’t play, but he shouldn’t even be reinstated for what he did.  Well Time to boycott the Eagles.  The only problem, They’re one of my favorite NFL teams (next to the Oakland Raiders).  While I am mad at them for this signing, I have to think about this one before I consider myself no longer a fan.

 2.  Before my Pirate adventure last weekend, I saw a little known band from the 80’s called Skid Row, (well actually 3/5 of Skid Row) you might have heard of them.  What I can say is that it was a good show and Johnny Solinger (the guy who replaced Sebastian Bach) is quit good and had me at times thinking Sebastian who? when they played their older stuff.  However he kinda reminds me of Bret Michaels of Poison and their newer music sounds like Poison too. 

3.  Kurt Angle was arrested this week on charges of violating a protection of abuse order.  Wow.  Didn’t see this one coming.  Well I guess tonight we will have a new TNA champion tonight- Matt Morgan!

4.  Yep you read that right, Matt Morgan is wrestling for the TNA title and no it’s not because of Angle getting arrested he is a part of the triple threat match between him, Sting and Kurt angle.  Well at least TNA is trying to make an attempt at not giving us the same title matches over anr over.

5.  Just two weeks after his return, Eugene has been released from WWE.  I’m hearing that this just may be a work so the guy who plays him (Nick Dinsmore) can do something else.  Hopefully this is true because as much as I likes the Eugene character, it was pretty stale at this point.

6.  Sgt. Slaughter did a good job hosting RAW last week, even though the rest of the program sucked.  Him going heel for the night worked.

7.  DX is back together, great.

8.  Freddie Prince Jr. is hosting this week.  Not too excited, but I will give him a chance.

9.  See, I told ya that The Miz would be back on RAW.  (pats self on the back)

10.  Join our Forums, please.

11.  Good to see that William Regal will be wrestling for the ECW title at Summerslam, he deserves it.  I remember saying that he’ll be champion by Summerslam, well I was a little off, but hopefully he wins it there.

12.  Stand back, The Hurricane had returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13.  Tyler Recks has become fast forward material for me, he just sucks.

14.  Goldust wins a match on TV! When was the last time that happened?

15.  The Hart Dynasty defeats Jeff Hardy!  Yeah I know it was a handicap match and Jeff was injured but usually in that situation WWE would have Jeff deify all the odds and pull off the upset.  Could WWE possibly be trying to build up their tag team division?

16.  Yay, the Hardys  reunite next week!

17.  I’m calling it now, Matt Hardy will turn on Jeff at Summerslam.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week, thanks again for reading,  join our forums and see you all next time.


  1. Don't get too excited about the Hart Dynasty beating Jeff in that handicapped match… because if Triple H reads this article, than rest assured he will squash both of them next week by himself in another 2 on 1 match in under 2 minutes and also Pedigree Natayla for good measure!

  2. I love the Random Randomness, it's taken over my need for Sunday content that Around The World With Zah used to fill up.

    Let's rephrase that, Triple H put over Legacy after dominating them the whole match, kicking out of their finisher once and making jokes on the mic about them after their beat down…. Thats not putting someone over in my books, thats making the TAG TEAM seem lucky to have stolen a win..

  3. Wow thanks guys. Idk about the pillar to post thing though, I don't like stealing other people's ideas.

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