Hey folks and welcome to another edition of your favorite JT article.  It’s been a long week and I have things to do today so let’s get this show on the road:

1.  I finally went out and saw “Inglorious Basterds” this past weekend.  I have to say that it was good but not great.  It had it’s moments, but the movie dragged at others.  Worth your money, yeah.

2.  I got “Guitar Hero 5” this week and it is good.  The game-play really hasn’t changed, it just has different songs, and that you no longer have to earn money.  While I enjoy the Guitar Hero series, this one has the least amount of songs that I like, but once I beat all of them I wont have to play the ones I don’t like anymore.

3.  The Beatles Rock Band will be released on Wednesday.  No Paul, you have enough money your not getting any of mine.

4.  I made a decision to boycott RAW like Legend Killer but not ECW, Superstars, or Smackdown.  You should watch all of them they’re the good programs.  RAW will just be background noise form now on until it gets better.  I will help out the review when needed though.

5.  Come on down!  Bob Barker is this weeks RAW host.  I thought RAW was trying to appeal more to kids and not seniors.

6.  I didn’t believe that the Abraham Washington show could get any worse and this week it did.  The addition of Tony Atlas was completely horrible and his laughing and one liners were annoying.   WWE get rid of this crap now.

7.  With wins in recent weeks by Paul Birchill, Goldust and Evan Bourne, WWE Superstars has now become the place where jobbers go to win matches.

8.  Proof that Tyler Recks sucks, if you are wrestling the #1 heel on your program and the crowd doesn’t care, then you suck, go back to wherever it is you came from. 

9.  I didn’t watch iMPACT this week, I was at a concert instead. 

10.  CM Punk is Straight Edge, that means he is better than all of us!  Well not Drowgoddess.

11.  John Morrison is the new Intercontinental Champion.  This is a good thing, but I have a feeling he will only be holding it until Rey returns.  He won’t lose it at “Breaking Point” because while Dolph Ziggler is good, he’s not ready yet for an IC title run.

12.  Who is Drew McIntyre?  I know I’ve  heard the name before, but I can’t remember where. 

13.  The Undertaker has returned!!!!!!!  YAY!

Well that’s all I’ve got this week.  Thank you all again for reading and see you all next time!


  1. Drew McIntyre was an indie star in the UK until he was signed by WWE in 2007 to developmental. You probably heard about that aforementioned a while back.

  2. 1. I enjoyed it a lot. Not the greatest thing ever put to celluloid, but good.

    9. We know. We missed you. The show was quite good, by the way.

    10. 🙂

    12. As Gee explained, I had heard of Drew McIntyre for some time, but hadn't actually seen him wrestle. His one brief segment of "destroy R-Truth, cut short promo" made me a serious fan last week. That is was repeated again this week made me like him even more.

    13. I'm always pleased to see the Dead Man, and a feud against CM Punk is more than some of us ever thought we'd see Punk get. I just hope Taker doesn't take the approach that his opponent isn't worthy in real life, and therefore makes him look bad. Hey, it's happened.

  3. For what it's worth, Drew McIntyre has appeared on WWE Television before, hence why you'd recognize the name. He did some work with Dave Taylor on SmackDown a few years back.

    I'm only watching RAW this week because Bob Barker is hosting.

    Finally, I disagree with your assessment that Dolph Ziggler won't be picking up the Intercontinental Championship at Breaking Point. I'm not saying JoMo won't retain, I'm saying it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't.

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