Welcome everybody to this weeks edition of whatever it is I do here each and every week.  So while I sit here and ponder the randomness of the world, here’s what I have for you all this week:

1.  Jeff Hardy was arrested on charges of trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids.  WOW did WWE dodge a bullet or what.  This guy was your World Champ just 3 weeks ago.  See CM Punk was right Jeff Hardy is the charismatic enabler.  I guess we won’t be seeing Jeff in a WWE ring for quite some time.

2.  Bob Barker was by far the best guest host of RAW yet.  The opening segment was the best opening to RAW in months, probably all year.  But would any of you expect anything less from someone with that much hosting experience.

3.  Trish whatshername is hosting this week.  I think she was women’s champion a couple times.

4.  Hitting your girlfriend is wrong, even if she’s a no talent Myspace slut.

5.  I saw MC Hammer in concert last weekend and it was pretty good.  He did all of his hits and even brought fans onstage for “You Can’t Touch This” & “Here Comes The Hammer,” but sorry he did not wear the parachute pants.

6.  ECW general manager tole Tyler Recks that he was doing a good job.  She obviously hasn’t seen any of his matches, because he isn’t.  She also said that the new talent initiative was a success.  I think I just might have to look into that and see if she is right.

 7.  Superstars was a pretty stacked up show this week highlighted by an awesome match by Kofi Kingston & Promo vs The Miz & Jack Swagger.

8.  Jimmy Wang Yang also appeared on Superstars and faces Kane.  Kane must not have read the memo that “Superstars is where the jobbers come to win matches” and beat Yang. 

9.  TNA has broken up LAX.  Wow kinda didn’t see that one coming.

10.  The Hells Gate vs The Anaconda Vice. Which one will be triumphant?

11.  Speaking of  Anaconda Vice, it was good to see CM Punk using it again.

12.  The Belfast Brawl between Finlay & Mike Knox was awesome until the crap finish.  Come on Finlay put Knox over, ans use something else besides the shillelagh.

13.  Put R-Truth and Drew McIntyre in the ring already.  I want to see this.

14.  I agree with Joe, Matt Hardy doesn’t look good in tights, he should go back to the pants.

15.  The NFL season begins this week so first of all I have to say, GO RAIDERS!  Will the Detroit Lions continue their losing ways  or will they mess it all up by winng?  Will we have an undefeated team this year? 

Well that’s all Ive got fot this week thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

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