Hello, and welcome to another edition of Random Randomness for yet another week.  As we come closer and closer to the 1 year anniversary of this very article (and I have something planned for it) let’s see how things are going on right now:

1.  As soon as you all finish reading this run (or drive) don’t walk to your nearest Target store and get the new Pearl Jam CD “Backspacer.”  It is awesome from start to finish and along with a purchase of the CD, you get to download 2 free Pearl Jam concerts. 

2.  To quoteGreen Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and the 2009 MTV VMA’s “MTV needs to start playing videos again.”  Couldn’t agree with you more.  And no I didn’t watch the program, I was just flipping through the channels ans saw the speech.

3.  According to Rolling Stone magazine, Nine Inch Nails are on their final tour.  It doesn’t say whether they will continue to record music, just no more touring.  Which sucks, they were always a band I wanted to see live but they nave came up  my way.  Oh well.

4.  Thank you Lillian Garcia.  You are a class act and we will miss you.

5.  Cedric The Entertainer sucked so bad on RAW that even Santino Marella couldn’t  help. 

6.  Al Sharpton in hosting RAW this week, I’m thinking DVR just so I don’t have to put up with him.

7.  We saw the return of the horrible Abraham Washington show this week, however Sheamus and Shelton Banjamin were quite good on it.  Who knew that Sheamus was related to Carrot Top, Ronald McDonald and the Wendy’s mascot?  So it’s apparent that WWE’s trying to push Benjamin as a babyface.

8.  WWE should’ve waited until the ppv to have Christian vs Zack Ryder for the ECW title.  The match was great but it had no build.  I know WWE wants to go with the Regal/Christian feud (in which I have no problem with) but to throw Ryder in there for a one off just cheapened it.

9.  I’m changing my Superstars slogan from “where jobbers go to win matches” to “where the underdog’s win matches.  Why because I can and also because this week Primo def Chris Masters, Goldust def William Regal and Matt Hardy def Kane.

10.  So, TNA crossed the line and put the title on AJ Styles.  No complaints here, I’m actually kinda surprised, I fugured that they were gonna go in a diferent direction, but I’m cool with it.

11.  Were finally gonna get Mick Foley vs Abyss feud.  I want Foley to channel his Mankind persona and put on the mask, that would be so awesome, hell this feud is gonna be awesome regardless.

12.  Rey Mysterio is gonna be Batista’s tag partner at Hell In a Cell, didn’t see that one happening.  Actually I wouldn’t be surprised that we see him on next week’s Smackdown since that is the last day of his suspension.

13.   Also next week is Smackdown’s 10 anniversary, wow where did all the time go.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

14.  I wish that Finlay would stop using his shillelagh every time he wrestles to win matches.  It’s ok to use it once in a while but now every week. 

15.  The Drew McIntyre bandwagon starts here, all are welcome to join.

16.  The rest of Smackdown was good, I just wish that Vince wouldn’t be on there. 

 Well that’s all I’ve got for this week.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 10. Yeah! Who was the only staffer who predicted that? Oh, right! That was me, baby! Me! Go, AJ! 🙂

    13. No kidding! I remember when it was pretty much The Rock getting his own show, Smackdown.

    14. Agreed. He doesn't need that.

    15. I'm driving!!! The rest of you can battle it out for shotgun.

  2. So, I'm at work this morning, completely forgot to charge the pre-paid arrivals, so I scrambled to do it real quick so I wouldn't forget, and the only name that comes up is "JOHN TRAYLOR." So yeah, that was me that charged your credit card this morning 😛

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