What’s kiddies and non kiddies and welcome to another edition ot the criticially acclaimed and contraversial Abraham Washington Show Random Randomness hosted be none other than well me.  Well then without further holdup, lets get this show on the road will ya:

1.  I forgot to talk about this last week, Shane McMahon is leaving the WWE effective Jan 2, 2010.  WOW, this is a complete shock, he must know something that we don’t.   Well all I can say is that good luck in whatever his future plans are.

2.  Jim Ross has suffered his 3rd attack of Bells Palsy this week which is why he wasn’t on Smackdown and he wont be at Bragging Rights tonight.  We here wish him the best and a speedy recovery. 

3.  Also last week was the fall finale of the hit USA TV show “Psych.”   For those who don’t know it’s a show about a fake psychic who solves crimes.  Getting back on track they showed clips for the upcoming episodes in January.  And guess who’s an upcoming guest star on it, the wrestler we all love to hate, John Cena.  Not a big surprise though because earlier this season had the two main characters watching the 2009 Royal Rumble and two years ago Mickie James was a guest star on the program too.

4.  Speaking of  TV, this weeks episode of “South Park” was wrestling themed.  Though none of their voices were used, cartoon versions Cena, Edge, and Vince McMahon all appeared in it.  Later in the episode the kids dressed in the likes of, Orton, Stone Cold, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth.  A very good episode if I say so myself, check it out if you can.

5.  The Chris Jericho episode of “That Metal Show” is now streaming online over at:


6.  So Sting doesn’t win the title at “Bound For Glory” this year like he has in the past 5.  Way to go TNA for doing the right thing for once.

7.  So basically RAW was a blur other the bad ending which I covered for the review.  So I think I might officially be done with it for a while.  I’ll DVR it and look at reviews and decide there but I’ve had it.  On the other hand the rest of WWE’s programming, not so bad.  Actually good to watch.

8.  A big welcome to Jason, our new ECW reviewer!  So no more 50 word or less reviews from me.

9.  I’m gonna say it because it’s the truth, ECW was by far the best program this week. We had Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder.  These guys are the future as long as they can stay healthy.  The Shameus/Shelton Benjamin feud has been done well as well as Paul Burchill/Hurricane.   Christian vs. Jericho is a match of the year contender.  Folks this is a program you need to be watching.

10.  Nigel McGuinness signed with TNA this week.  Good for him.  I’ve only seen him a couple of times but he is a good wrestler and hopefully he’ll do good things in TNA.   

11.  So Kurt Angle is turning babyface and the Main Event Mafia is no more, well ok then. 

12.  F*** Eric Young it the new TNA Legends Champion, shows how much of a joke that title is.

13.  Booker T is no longer in TNA, his last match with them was at “Bound For Glory.”  Wait, how did he manage to get a shorter contract that Kurt Angle?  Hopefully he will go back to WWE.

14.  So, WWE changed Team Smackdown for "Bragging Rights."  The team is now Jericho, Kane, The Hart Dynasty, Matt Hardy, R-Truth and Finlay.  When I first heard this I was a little shocked that they would do this, but after watching Smackdown, I understand a little better because on Monday the guys on Team RAW were put thru the same circumstances.  What it was was a 5 on 4 tag team match (on RAW 5 on 5), with the winners joining Team Smackdown and since we didn’t get a team change on RAW, it not a total shock to me that it happened on Smackdown.

Well that’s all I’ve got here folks.  As always thanks again for reading and see you all next time.  Don’t forget (if you haven’t already) check out the Bragging Rights BWF Roundtable and check back later tonight for full coverage of Game 6 of the ALCS “Bragging Rights” as it happens.


  1. You ever notice how all of us talk about having PPV coverage when we never have any idea who – if anybody – is going to be covering it? I did it yesterday in the Roundtable too. Nobody wants the WWE PPV jobs anymore, and I can't say I blame them.

  2. You're right. I personally just don't have time. I can do the TNA stuff, but there are only so many hours in the day.

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