What’s up everyone.  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.  I sure did, maybe a little too much fun.  Well let’s get this show on the road so I can go back to nursing my hangover:

1.  So WWE did the right thing and had Smackdown win at “Bragging Rights” and is now known as the A show.  Well all of us here have known it for months, but it’s good to see WWE joining the bandwagon.

2.  Speaking of “Bragging Rights”  I heard that the buyrate is the lowest since WWE had the ECW “December To Dismember” a few years ago.  Ouch, but this is what happens when you have too many pay per view’s that have little or no build to them and the same main event over and over. 

3.  Kofi Kingston’s promo (where he trashed Orton’s race car) was one of the best promo’s I’ve seen in years.  I almost felt for a second like it was the Attitude era again.  I hope this is a start of some big things for him.

4.  RAW was actually good this week too, the best one in months.  Well at least until the whole RAW roster beat Big Show in the main event, that was kinda stupid.

5.  Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are hosting RAW this week.  I don’t know, if it were just Ozzy it would have potential, but Ozzy with Sharon has a kinda suck potential written all over it.

6.  ECW manager Tiffany stated that “Even though ECW didn’t have a match at Bragging Rights, the still made an impact” (or something like that) well let’s see lets take a look.  In the Team RAW vs Team Smackdown featured 9 guys who have been on ECW and 5 former ECW champions.  So I’d say yeah ECW made an impact.

7.  Finally Batista has turned heel.  This has been needed for a long time though his constant injuries may have been the reason for this.  Kinda of ironic that he turns heel just after his 3 dvd set is released.

 8.  Hulk Hogan has joined TNA.  My thoughts, this is bad move for TNA.  I don’t see any good coming out of this.  Look I was a Hulkamainac when I was a kid but I did something, I grew up and as I did Hogan got boring.  And yes I was on the nWo bandwgon too, but at that point he was past his prime.  Now I think that this screams desperation on both parts and I think it won’t end well for either Hogan or TNA.

Ok that’s all I’ve got for folks.  As always thanks for reading and I will see you all next week for the 1 year anniversary if this very article and I kinda have something special planned for it.

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  1. 2. The best pay per view WWE's had in a while, and nobody saw it? You know, I'm kinda happy about that. Maybe it would be the catalyst to ending the endless stream of PPVs and bring us back to a minimal PPV schedule. They don't even feel like special events anymore.

    3. Definitely a highlight of our RAW experience on Monday. During the commercial break that followed, one of the Bills offered Orton a tissue.

    5. You know how pissed I am that Ozzy's hosting this week and I was stuck with those NASCAR jackasses last week?

    7. It's been a long time coming, and while I like the way it's been written, Dave's delivery of his lines needs work.

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